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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Beauticious awesomeness.
That mod is just stunning. Enjoy!


Lol I’ve heard that before. My guess is that your resolution to keep it home will last about a week. :wink:


Yeah i said the same when i got my moose and that lasted a couple of days and now it goes everywhere with me. Not a WR mod but the same thing :wink:


Mine did…although it was barely 3 days…

Then I broke it :pensive:


WTF dude…


I know…both…actually…

The big man has them both at present, I miss them terribly :cry:


Wow. Both? You should probably get one of those lanyard things to hang them around your neck.


Yeah turns out they dont like slate floors… couldnt of been a fluffy carpet…
The problem is nothing else comes even remotely close to them, so I have to use them ALL the time.

I am the clumsiest person known to man. :pensive:
Im in the prosess of ordering my third, that one…is not leaving the house (probs)


I dont mean I broke it after 3 days lol…I mean keeping it in the house only lasted 3 days…
I broke them fairly recently in close concession. :persevere:


I know someone that is probably clumsier, I gave him one of my old mods to try to get him off stinkys and he broke the glass on the tank 3 times in one week!


@Whiterose0818 I’m sure it’s been asked, I just ain’t reading 750 posts to find out :slight_smile:

Are you working on any NLPWM squonker mods? If so, is LIPO involved?


NLPWM squonker? Hmmm…
It’s not currently on my list, but lemme look into it.



@Whiterose0818 + Squonker =



The batteries finally showed up after a lovely tour of scenic LA, and of course they were nearly fully discharged. After 6 hours, I finally was able to pop them into the Mod of Joy. Set the dial to 50 (I know, I’m a wuss!) and fired up my BFT plus. Holy hell, you all weren’t kidding, the juice really does taste better with the board. I can’t wait to play with the duty cycle and see what works best for me!

Thanks @Whiterose0818 it was an perfect transaction, and all you’re help was greatly appreciated!


That is not being a wuss. A lot of times with lower ohm builds I am at 20-25%. With ohms in the .5-.7 range you can crank up the volume and flavor.


The man is an artist. Welcome to the Whiterose Fan Club. I’m not a founding member, but as a confirmed WR MOD SNOB, I feel comfortable saying - no other mod will ever make you as happy :slight_smile: Vape on!


I think I need to start saving my pennies-All this talk about the WR Mods has got my G.A.S. acting up again!!!


That is sooooooo cool!