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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Got my Whiterose NLPWM GXL Lipo mod today and I’m already loving it.
Another great job Rob, thanks!

The rounded corners of GXL box make it a lot more comfortable than the G+ or most other boxes I’ve ever held.


Damn nice looking mod right there.


i did a giveaway recently, but i havent done a raffle in a while.
Anybody interested in a raffle?


Yes, I do believe I know at least 2 people that would enter!


Damn skippy :laughing:


Ooh ooh me!


Count me in!!!


you guys wanna tag some good people?
i could run it in a day or two.
i was thinking maybe 25 $10 spots or something of the sort?


Heads up! WR raffle!

@Lolly @DrChud @Saxonn @Underanne @TheTinMan1 @Norseman @Steampugs @woftam @mrneph2 @Sprkslfly


Hell yeah…


@Grubby @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @therabidweasel @Jenny1978 @tbt127 @louiesquared @authormichellehughes @GPC2012


@SessionDrummer @mew @BoDarc @R113 @Gambit117 @Jayrell @Lostmarbles @BoDarc @Walt3 @juice_junkie_lover


I’m in for a spot. You the man @Whiterose0818


Im in 🖒 :ok_hand: :sunglasses:

Cheers Rob! :wink:


I’m interested :sunglasses:


I’m in too!!


I’m in! I’ve been watching your work and reading all the super happy responses. Take my money! Or atleast let me know where to send my $10.


I was just post 777! Thats gotta be lucky.lol.


Im in
@Skullblade789 @VapeyMama
@Lolly @DrChud @Skullblade789 @Underanne @TheTinMan1 @Norseman @woftam @Sprkslfly


I’d love to be in! Where/how do I sign up?