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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


I’m in. Let me know how to pay :smile:


Stay tuned for details!
Tomorrow or the next day!


hurry up would ya!


I’m in like Flynn


I am in also


Mister @Whiterose0818 id you need help heading up the raffle just shoot,me a text. Will be more than happy to help.


SHUSH!!! We don’t wanna rush perfection! :smile:


Entries here:


Wanted to thank all those that have contributed to this thread. I’ve read through this thread and it lead me to sealing the deal on this beauty57fddb5f67a8df1db02271251144bb6072becd69_1_374x500


A very fine choice sir. It is a nice piece and I have resisted the urge thus far. Thank you for helping my terrible willpower. Lol.

That mod is sexy.


Thank you sir. I saw some of yours and they are awesome! I’m just so psyched to be able to join this thread now.


Thank you! They are without a doubt the best vape purchases I have ever made.




You’ve got a cool butterfly heart thing going on there! That is a sexy beast!


Thank you sir. She is a beauty. @Whiterose0818 is an artist at work putting these together.


So beautiful!!!

I’m saving my pennies!!! Soon, very soon. :blush:


If you would let me!


Is that a 30 or 40mm deck on top? Trying to figure the scale of the mod. It’s a Beauty for sure!


According to this

It is a 40mm


TinMan is right, its a 40mm.