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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


Ones faith is voluntary, 1 Samuel 8 in the Tanakh pretty much shows G.ds reluctance of approval of the Jewish people instituting a king and warned how they may come to regret it. You are correct Coercive is the key word in your definition.


What a pair of beauties! :heart_eyes:


Thanks, Lolly, I’ll pass it on; they love a little praising :smile: Solid mods and great flavour enhancers


finally got my WR back from Alaska , time to use it again soon @Whiterose0818 im sending it your way ill pm you ty


i gotchoo, brotha!!!


i know you do , and ty


what you guys think about doing another raffle?
any takers?


Apparently you can’t say I’m in without writing a whole paragraph explaining why your in.

Ok I’m in


I would also like to say “I’m in!”

@Cutlass92 @VapeyMama @SessionDrummer @paingawd @Sprkslfly @Jayrell @Lostmarbles???


You can count me in!


I’m in as well! :fog:


I’ll watch!


Yup I’m in!!
Thanks for the tag @Molly_Mcghee


I’m all for it as always!




I’m watching with @Sprkslfly and happy to assist in any way @Whiterose0818 :grin:


yes sir im in


I’ve got one in the works already so I’ll just be watching with Sprks and Lolly. Good luck everyone!


I’m in. Let’s go!


Ok…seems like we have interest, :sunglasses:
You guys wanna tag some people and let people know. You guys wanna run it during the weekend or hit it after the weekend?