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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


I say run it now lol this 10 dollars is burning a hole in my pocket lol


I’m in! I have been trying to make a vacuum chamber for stabilizing wood. It just imploded on my kitchen table! Awesome! Well…learned an acrylic cookie jar makes a poor vacuum chamber.


Count me in.


I’d love a chance! Whenever you decide to say, “GO!” is fine with me! Thanks for the page, @Molly_Mcghee!


I have 3 in the making but I could always use a 4th :smiling_imp:
And hey it’ll save on postage …so you should totally fix this shit for me to win…:ok_hand::grin:

Think I’ve pretty much just scuppered any chance of actually winning now…nice going Pugs…:pensive:


@TheTinMan1 @Skullblade789 @woftam @tbt127 @GalacticResidue @Underanne @juice_junkie_lover @Laura5 @robin @R113


@Jenny1978 @mjag @jhmiller @DaveDave @Alisa @Amy2 @SthrnMixer @JoJo @Ken_O_Where @daath


Thanks for thinking of me @Lolly but I am skint atm :cry:
Best of luck to everyone who enters.


I’m in! Just say go :smile:


Ditto what jh said, I’m gonna have to pass, but I’m looking forward to seeing who wins. :slight_smile: I love you and all @Steampugs but I kinda hope it’s someone who doesn’t have 15 bajillion WR mods yet so they get a chance to try one. LOL But…I can’t fault you for wanting more! Who wouldn’t? :grin:

Luck everyone!


A solid point very well made mother :grin:🖒 lmao


Im in…
Wait for what??
Can i win something!!
If so…lets rock n roll!


I am just going to watch as well. I am so excited for who wins! What an amazing prize! Well worth a $10 entry, but I am short on cash as well. Thanks for the tag @Lolly! Good luck everyone!


I’m in. Let’s go.


I pressure cooker makes a good vacuum chamber!


Damn it! @Lolly thanks for the tag …
Ok, #15, I’m in.


It would but i couldn’t see what was going on inside. Somewhat important. Good idea though.


Give the reload rta a shot! Amazing flavor, smooth airflow and not too tall either. The authentic is a bit pricey and tricky to acquire, but the clones are affordable on anyone’s vape-budget ($10-$14) and easily found on fasttech.com and 3fvape.com :+1:t2: Would look great on your new box!


that pic is actually a year old lol , but ty since that time ive acquired a few rta/rda at that time i was just starting ti play with them ty for the recommendation though


Lol yeah I suppose it should’ve read like your “new” box :rofl: At any rate, excellent RTA if you’re still on a quest for one to fall in love with. I certainly have!:+1:t2::+1:t2: