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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


I know, right?!?!


@Whiterose0818 Sorry to hear that, but glad (you know what I mean) to hear it. Glad you’re back, stable and at least know what was going on.


The kidney failure is not permanent. Kidney function has been miraculously returned completely to normal.
The Ulcerative Colitis, however, is forever.
I will be on meds for the rest of my life tryna keep this in check.


So sorry to hear that man. Glad you’re back.


Glad your out of the hospital and doing better :+1:


Glad to hear that you are ok. Stay strong.


Glad to hear you are doing better. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Auto-immune diseases definitely suck so I feel your pain there. Unfortunate curse of a very clean society is our immune systems just get bored, basically.


can i ask from where ???


My wife has been going through something like this, she had kidney failure and almost died.
If you can find the time can you post and describe your symptoms in the health and advocacy section so we can compare notes?
The doctors told my wife they were baffled and had ran over $1 million in non conclusive tests.
Glad your doing better bro!




How are you doing petal? :hugs:


Much better. Strength is almost normal, but focus is still off.
Gonna try building some coils and mounting them to test my focus today.
Thanks for asking, doll!!


Great to hear Rob !!!


Been a while since anyone posted in here so here’s a few pics from my latest Whiterose order, the man’s an artist :ok_hand::dash::dash::dash:


B E A UTIFUL beaut! :heart:


I know right…my life is complete once again :ok_hand::dash::dash::grin: …thanks my lovely :kissing_heart:


Very nice @Steampugs. I love how SHARP the graphics come out on pretty much everything @Whiterose0818 makes.


Nice! Last I’d heard he was having some health issues, but I did drop off the face of the earth for a couple of months. Glad to see that he’s still out there, plying his trade!

Oh, and color me totally jealous!


Good to read youre doing good @Whiterose0818 :smiley:

How would one go about aquireing one of your mods? Are they per request?


Hoooleee shee-it! Those are just stunning!

So frakin’ jealous right now…