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Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: What @TheTinMan said.

Get well mate - hope all is on the improve for you.


Godspeed brother. Get home healthy @Whiterose0818


The guys filled me in brother, here’s hoping for a quick recovery man :crossed_fingers: sucks major balls, if we can do anything or if you need anything you only need holla :wink: :facepunch:

Rest easy big man :relaxed:


@Whiterose0818 Rob, if I didn’t suck so bad at mod building, I’d build this for ya,…


I think he would rather have one made out of this tin!


Get well @Whiterose0818! Good thoughts comin’ your way brother!


Wishing you a speedy recovery @Whiterose0818, only good thoughts for ya man!


Any word on @Whiterose0818 ?>?


Sorry bud I have not heard anything, maybe @Skullblade789 has?


Hey guys!!!
Thanks for all the love and support!!

I was hospitalized for 8 days recently and the days before and after are quite hazy, so I’ve been down for a coupla weeks.

Quick update:
I went to the ER after 48 hours of diarrhea. Hadn’t peed the whole time. They immediately admitted me and diagnosed me with acute renal failure. Time for IV fluids!
It took them 5 days to get them kidneys back to normal, but they did!! And I get to go on without dialysis!
It took them a couple more days more to figure out the root of it all.
I’ve been.diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an auto immune disease. And my first flare up was a monster.
That being said, I’ll hafta learn to live with it, but I’m still here!!!
Thanks for everyone’s support!!
I’m making way through all my messages…getting back to everyone!


Glad you’re alright man! I admit I was a bit worried. Get healthy and take care of yourself!


I’m glad you’re alright. I hope you get well soon. Is it permanent?


Glad you are on the mend.


Oh wow… So glad you are back home and going to be OK.


Sounds nasty, I wish you well Rob.


You poor little poppet :cry:. So glad you are on the mend. Here’s hoping you never have a flare up as bad as that again! :hugs:


will you be my mom?


Course I will :grin::hugs:


glad you’re on the mend brother, had us all scared for a min there :ok_hand:🖒


Ooooft! Stay strong, sip water often and watch your diet. :+1: