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Who is getting tobacco company cash


Notice Imperial Tobacco forecasting SUBSTANTIAL profits from e-cig and heated tobacco products by next year. All this while EU, USA and other countries are putting in regulations to restrict small companies and us DIY users.


There’s a petition going to get rid of big tobacco at the table of the ILO.

Every year, tobacco-related disease kills more than seven million people around the world.

And right now, we have a chance to remove Big Tobacco’s biggest foothold in the U.N. system. Big Tobacco has long abused its partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO), which exists to ensure people around the world have safe working environments, to push its agenda and undermine public health policy on the international level.


I just lost a friend due to throat cancer, he was going to be 48 in december.


I’m very sorry to hear this Josephine :frowning:


Sorry for your loss. :hugs:


Wow. So sad! Smoking is soo bad for people. Yet so addicting! Vaping is a miracle! I know it’s not 100% healthy. And if you were never a smoker I wouldn’t recommend to start vaping… but for the majority of us vapers that have kicked that terrible habit, it’s a great thing!


Sorry for your loss.
Added my support as requested.


This is capitalism, as intended by modern governments. The rich get richer and the poor remain poor. :thinking: