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Who rated the recipe? Now you can see it!


Wait…I’m not the only one?? In the theme of The Highlander…There can be only one! :wink:
It did actually link to my account but now the guy went and deleted his recipes so whatever, I guess I’ll never know but I know if it happened it wasn’t puposely

I just don’t understand all this rivalry or what the point of it all is. It all just seems very pety to me and like I said before at the end of the day we are only making ejuice so what’s with all the defense and aggression.
I understand it’s the Internet and it brings out the freaks and the people that have to feel better about themselves by trying to insult others but people are taking items with fruity flavorings and such a little too seriously


It’s me he’s talking about. I had made the recipe private a couple days ago which is why he probably can’t see it? The only reason I mentioned something to him is because he was saying how he doesn’t give out 1 stars (which he did to me). Maybe it was another Darth Vapor… I wasn’t aware that there wasn’t unique usernames.

Anyway, I deleted my comments so we’ll let that be that. I also made the recipe public again

Here’s the recipe btw: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/ratings/212928


I did rate your recipe yes, only because I liked it as I told ya but when you showed me the picture I was baffled because I remember rating it like a 4 that’s why I wanted to make it a point to tell you I would never purposely rate your recipe a 1 OR ANYONES, I know using my phone I have had problems clicking the stars but I always make sure it is what I want it to be- I have rated my own recipes a 1 numerous times because of this
Anyways I want you to know I have no ill will toward you my friend and I felt bad that you thought I was trying to attack you through a little recipe rating site, because I was not.
I wouldn’t of taken the time to clear that up with you if I was just some A-hole running around and giving out 1 Stars to be spiteful-
I hope you do not take offense to anything I said and I want you to know I rated your recipe the way I did because I liked it but for me it was too much cream otherwise I would of gave it a perfect


It’s all good, and I do agree that Creamy Caramel Custard is a bit creamy. Truthfully, I don’t even like the recipe, but I posted it for a guy on reddit to help him out with the flavors he had. I took it down a couple days ago because I thought it needed some work and it for some reason was getting popular quite quickly.


I think ya can re-rate it. That way ya can tell if it was you or not and if ya accidentally gave it a 1 instead of a 4.


Yes, to re-rate just go to the recipe, and click another star :smile:


I didn’t mind it, I didn’t have butter if I remember correctly but I needed a reason to try my new flv caramel- It is what it is and all I know is I love these guys here at ELR and we have become 1 big family and take care of each other. This is the only site that is drama free and that’s why I am a regular here and would never jeopardize that, especially over a ridiculous joke like insanity :smile:I just wanted to clear the air so we can move forward, the other guy I could careless about and he obviously has some issues. I have never seen so much hate out of a little joke before it made me laugh, maybe it was unprofessional of me to post it in the first place but what can I say…I like to have fun!
But as long as you know I wasn’t attacking you or even upset then I feel better about the situation, all in all I wanted to make sure I didn’t give you 1 star because IMO nothing should ever be graded 1 star (outside of parody recipes hehe) All I am is a guy that enjoys making juice in my own home and it brings me joy to do so! I don’t consider myself a “master mixer” or anything…I make for myself and myself only. The only person I need to please is myself…well…and my wife but thankfully for me she doesn’t vape!
I have made some amazing friends here and it makes being a part of ELR that much better! I try to lead by example and I’m able to weed the trolls from the real people and thankfully I have only run in to 1 troll here so life is good!
Anyways thank you for coming on here @thirdworldorder and I hope we see more of you around here!
Now that I see it tbh I don’t even remember rating this recipe lol, I remember rating another one of yours that had 10 of vanilla custard- Anyways since I can’t clear the ratings I gave it a 5- I apologize


Quickly, go re-rate it to something other than 1 :smile:

Reminds me, I gotta try @thirdworldorder’s third world custard.

Oh, @DarthVapor - perhaps you clicked 1 star when you tried to favorite it? Yesterday I moved the heart further away from the first star :stuck_out_tongue: accidents happen, especially on touch devices with small screens (at least when you have big fingers like me)!


I believe this is exactly what I did because it has happened to me A LOT in the past using my phone! If you look at my rating history it speaks for itself and I don’t ever rate anything less then 3/4-
I’m a big enough man to say I made a mistake and I didn’t realize I did until now and I have corrected it. All in all I need to stop using my damn phone :wink:


The interface could use some work, to optimize it for mobile devices :wink:


I noticed you did this and THANK YOU! All I can say Lars is your children are very lucky to have you as a father! The way you “police” people around here and play dad to all of us speaks volumes to how you are as a father :wink:
Keep doin whatcha do!


If you want to try the custard, just make a 10ml and shake n vape it. I know a few people on this forum have tried it and liked it, but I feel as though it needs a few changes (which I have aging as we speak). I will let you all know when I’m done with it … and I’ll keep the recipe public instead of taking it down for now.


Or I could get off my lazy ass and get a new phone that doesn’t have a shattered screen lol
You should see some of the text messages I send to people hehe


Yes this was the original recipe that I made and rated! I didn’t have the butter though, so I added a little TFA vanilla custard to it instead and that gave it a buttery note for me :wink:
You can never go wrong with some custard notes! mmmmm


Yeah that guy has some serious issues lol! We need a block user button now Lars :wink:
That way we don’t have to worry about such wackos…ahh the internet, where would I be without people telling me who I am and what I’m doing


Yeah he is definitely just a guy that came over to start problems…from saying Lars needs to go get a life to saying everyone on ELR are a bunch of worthless noobs, its apparent he doesn’t belong here. Besides he is a “master mixer” that mixes for the best of the best (whatever the hell that means)
I stopped replying to him
I hate to even ask this on ELR but I have been nothing but passive and “nice” to this guy without publicly bashing him but @daath I would like to throw my vote in to ban this guy from our peaceful community, because not only did he go back to purposely downgrading my recipes but he has started a big fight on my comments section, insulting people and being quit nasty to women. I don’t want to make my stuff private over 1 jerk but if I can’t block him and he is going to act this way I may have to do that. It has now gotten way out of hand and I have 2 people now asking me how to get rid of this guy due to his actions…sorry to have to even say that but I’m not going to deal with this anymore


Problem is, even if this person is publicly banned, he/she will just create yet another profile and keep the nasty going. Kinda like roaches…kill one and it feels good, but there are lots more hiding in the woodwork waiting to crawl out. :angry:

Starving the troll of attention with silence is the best tactic.


I propose a membership fee…I know they can just buy that too but seriously if you are Serious mixers you will pay the 10$ a month or something of that matter to have access to the calculator and thus the forum. We have to instill some practices to weed the s*- bags out the door.

Or better yet, you can’t comment on another’s recipe Until you have Your first 50 recipes.


Yeah I know and if he does he does…I havent said anything to this guy and he just continues and downgrades everything and now people are fighting…
Not sure what else to do here but if he is going to continue messing with my recipes then…

I will never understand people like this, so childish


Or at the very least just be able to delete peoples comments…I love ELR and I am here because this is the only place that doesnt have crap like this. I would HATE HATE HATE to see Lars’ baby turned into another asshole drama filled site. I really dont want it to go that direction, because I love all you guys and would hate to go back to just mixing and sharing with my friends at home. I know that sounds dramatic but I cannot stress enough how much I hate this kinda crap on the internet and thats why I have always stayed away