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Who rated the recipe? Now you can see it!


Not a bad idea, but shit bags can add 50 recipes to their recipe list in about 15 minutes, more or less. True trolls will do anything to be able to continue to irritate the crap out of their target.


I cleaned up the comments a bit. I’m not gonna ban him - at least not yet :wink:


But the weed out process needs to be in depth enough to dissuade them :wink: Make it a 150 recipes lol


I’ll get on that soon!


Ok, you can now delete comments on your own recipes.


trolls will still be trolls


All very unfortunate but I know I wont give him the satisfaction anymore. I have season coming anyways so I will be extremely busy with no time for posting, so he can go berate someone else cause he wont have my stuff.
It’s a shame because it appears that in your generosity of having a giveaway it opened the flood doors to allow scum in. All over something so silly as a recipe…thank god I dont deal with this kind of behavior in the kitchen, I could imagine people insulting others about something so pety as like a Caesar dressing recipe…


Thanks a lot for doing this man I really appreciate it as I’m sure a lot of others do as well. I went through and cleaned it up but I shoulda left his messages saying, I love you all, but I was clicking delete too fast and I assume you changed it to that, which made me laugh but I’m sure he would have freaked out even more :wink:


I did notice this the last time you corrected it and now this time again, that even though you removed the rude downgrade it still never gave back my stars? It did remove the actual downgrade but the star system didn’t correct itself? I know it takes time but it was still like that 24 hours later before the master mixer did it again?
In all honesty I feel really silly talking about this :slight_smile:
Like a school kid stomping his feet saying “I want my star back! wah wah!”


Which recipe?


Sweet titties of yours…Calm those.


Please hold me :…( I need a good spoonin @Damondo!!

Quite a few of them actually…too many to list but pretty much all the ones that are at 4 stars now, I click ratings and everyone that rated it, rated it a 5 but it shows 4?
Really not that big of a deal but I can list them all in a minute
Actually it looks like the other ones corrected themselves and its only these that are stuck

  • Citrus Cananga
  • White passion mandarin Tea
  • Viserion

I’m sure once he will come back on he will go right back to it anyways so I’m not stressing, I’m over this guy now-

I do have a question about the new rating system, can you only see who rated it if you yourself have rated it? For instance someone rated something that I didn’t rate but the ratings button isn’t visible under the blue wrench on it? Just curious- ACTUALLY it must of been a glitch or something left over from him cause it shows 1 star but no one rated it. OMFG what pety crap

I really don’t want to bother you with this school yard like crap anymore but thank you lars!


I ran the score updater manually, and it seems that I have a problem with the script. Not sure I have time to figure out what’s wrong…

If it was working properly, scores should update 15:30 UTC+2 every day.

As soon as there is one rating on it, the ratings-item should show… Maybe that too was a score-problem?


Dont worry about it brother, I’m sure you have far more things to worry about! I’m not going to trip over an error showing a handful of recipes showing lower scores than what people put-

I think the system didn’t update yet that’s why it was showing 1 star on my recipes but not showing any ratings in the wrench. More than likely a left over from the jackass going through and rating everything a 1.
I know you will fix everything in due time, I’m not worried :smile:Hopefully he will lose steam and stop trash talking everyone here and stop his downgrading shenanigans! (That’s the first time I have used shenanigans in a sentence, YAY for me!)
Thanks again Lars for all you do and all you give! If I win the smok giveaway you can have it :wink:


I actually need this to work though - If the scoring script breaks, the recipe rating/sorting thing is useless :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

So you’re the reason I found out that there was an error, so thanks :smiley: hehe


Im glad my crying did something! haha Do I sense a small sarcastic tone to that “so thanks” :wink:

I did notice some minor errors before like this but I thought it was because it didn’t update and I didn’t want to bug you…well…more than I already do :slight_smile:


I’m dyin over the spoon comment it’s already been way too much over this??? no? I think we all can move away from this w the knowledge that trolls will always exist and to much about them is what they want…


Are you saying you can help me? I’m in crisis over here! I need a cuddle damn it! My life is over, I was harassed by a “master mixer” that mixes for “The best of the best” and I don’t know what to do with myself anymore…I’m so lost…my mommy is states away…maybe just a 10 minute spoon? You can choose front or back? or maybe we can just hold hands and then if you feel more comfortable we can graduate to the spoon? I promise it wont turn into a spork…well…maybe I can’t PROMISE…



you’re a riot man™ I’m lmao really lol maybe 5 mins… haha nope



Oh well I guess I’m just stuck with @Jimk’s and I’s Honey Boopkins Fridays…