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Who rated the recipe? Now you can see it!


Dont worry @DarthVapor he just jelly


I knew you have my back D! Literally!!

Too much? :wink:


Not everyone has a Thundercat in their pocket!


sounds to much like sporkin??? I’m out lol


One method you could use is that stars can only be added if you actually leave a comment. That was there won’t be any accidental stars being given and it will also let the mixer know the reason for the score.

With that in mind, users could rate comments as Helpful or not, akin to Steam.

Helpful: “Yes” button “No” button

Perhaps certain conditions could automatically delete a comment if they fall below a certain threshold


I suppose the real question should be, is it a spoon and a fork or a fork and a spoon?? :smiling_imp:


Yes, the must-comment-to-rate is on my list… Helpful/not helpful I am still considering. Now the author of the recipe can delete comments on their own recipes, so there’s a bit more control now. There should also be a “Report” - both for recipes and comments :smile:



I would like to say I apologize to everyone I hurt, even though I wasn’t the first to start name calling, I am going to man up for insulting people the way I did, especially Aura & Harry. I was wrong, and that’s not like me at all.

I just saw your recipe and saw your comments saying people were “getting all butt hurt”, and some guy said he got trolled. I just thought wow, what a dick this guy is!!! This guy is just doing this recipe to f%^k with people!!

I guess from being bullied in school for many years I saw an opportunity to “bully the bully”.

Anyways, I will go back and leave 5 stars for all of your recipes I downgraded, as I do really feel bad for doing that. I really feel terrible to the people I insulted in the heat of the moment. I hope they will accept my apology.

I’m actually a big hearted, kind person who just thought this guy was being a total dick and a bully.

To Lars I didn’t say for you to get a life, I was talking about the guy that made the recipe. I apologize to you for any troubles I have caused.

I just hope everyone can see where I was coming from, and I wasn’t starting shit just to cause trouble. I just felt this guy was bullying people.

So I just wanted to say I truly feel bad, and I sincerely apologize to everyone I insulted.


Big on you to apologize, somewhere along the line you completely misunderstood the whole entire point of the recipe and it was made as a joke and we all participated in the joke in one way or another. It was NEVER intended to f**k with people at all and I am sorry that you were the one to think that it was. There was no bullying of any sort on my end and there is a whole other thread about the recipe and us simply laughing about it in a fun lighthearted way which we do around here on ELR. We like to have fun, we are all friends here and some consider family.
I tried to explain this to you when you were making accusations in a nice, calm, professional way but you continued to tell me what I was thinking and feeling. Again there was no bulling of any sort being done, especially on my end and every single person that commented on that recipe is a friend.

I’m honestly hoping this is true, because we are all kind and generous people as well and I hope in the future we can take a step back and respect people for what they are saying and take them on their word without having to get nasty.

Again I’m sorry you felt a light hearted joke was being “a dick” or “bullying” people
Thank you for being able to come on here to apologize and hopefully your able to enjoy your time on ELR like we all do~


well done D!!!


It takes a big man to apologize like that - big thumbs up!

Welcome to the forum!

Now let’s all stop worrying and mix some juice - and I don’t mean DV’s InSaNiTy! :laughing:


Wow guys!!! I hadn’t been here since yesterday so I just read this thread! This is exactly why I love this new home I have found! Things may go awry, but they get worked out in the end! I saw all of the joking about InSaNiTy! I thought it was hilarious, but once I started seeing all of the comments, I was actually rethinking my participation on this site…only because I don’t do any social media at all and this is the only forum I have ever participated on. This just goes to show what a great group of people are here and even the bad ones aren’t so bad after all :grinning: I just want to say how happy I am to have found this site and to now be a part of it! So a big “thank you” to everyone who has welcomed me and an even bigger “thank you” to @daath and everyone who runs this site for making it possible!!! :blush:


Yeah were quite the jokesters in here on the forums. I was the one that said I got trolled, and I did. I replied in the recipe thread first before realizing who it was that created it. The troll comment came at this realization and I biffed myself for not paying better attention.


And then we had a nice cuddle afterwards :wink:


Yes, it was epic :heart:


Have to say… I was a little jealous with all that “sporkin’” going on! :pensive:

What am I…chopped liver?


You dont like to share?


Don’t have a pet rabbit do you? :scream:


Even with all the drama, you guys are/were crackin’ me up! That, my friends, is a true gift.