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Who's Vaping during the eclipse?


Very nice SthrnMixer!!


did you use a film over your lens?


What?! That’s my goal pic! :joy: (j/k)


Lol. I personally wouldn’t want to look like MEN who look like that. Much less…

In my opinion, women are supposed to be “comfy” in many areas.

Take that as you wish. Lol.

Others, muscle is very desirable. Within reason.

But now I fear the topic is being eclipsed. (See, what I did there was…) :laughing:


I had my squonker filled up and ready to go with a Strawberry Starburst mix. Seemed fitting. Sorry to hear some had clouds. I also was in the line of totality and I literally gasped at the sight. Over 2 minutes of complete darkness. Could see the stars and a huge flock of geese flew over which was odd but beautiful. :heart_eyes: