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Who's Vaping during the eclipse?


We have a couple of pairs of those special glasses and are checking out the eclipse on our breaks!
Is anybody else catching a glimpse?
Maybe while vaping something delicious ?


Yup I’m on my lunch break dripping some of my delicious glazed blueberry donut on the goon and glimpsing up at the sun… it has started!


Ready :+1:weld


What’s that contraption friend?


whoa!!! that is an intense Welders mask! what percent visibility where you able to see?!


LOL same we were all just out sharing the glasses and enjoying vapes lol


We’re about 30 minutes away from the peak time here, so we’re taking silly pictures while we wait. :smile:

Oh! And edit to add…
Vaping some Sexy Wench :wink:


It just passed us here in the northwest, but its unnaturally dark still and complete silence outside no birds no animals not even bugs … kinda creepy lol.


Kinda cloudy here in Indiana. Do you guys mind NOT vaping for a few minuits please!!?


Lmao !!! :cloud: :cloud:


:rofl: ROFL seriously!


ya im in Anacortes just a hop skip and jump away from you guys , suns coming back but 30min ago it was cold and pretty shady


So you saw the strange “sunglasses with no sunglasses” effect and the creepy critter silence for like 20 mins?


yep we were all outside everyone in my neighborhood , it was funny to see people run inside and grab jackets it got very cold


right?! i mean its logical and all but still amazing to experience first hand!


I’m about an hour north of Missouri in Illinois and it’s almost hit totality but yea it’s a bit cloudy taking away from the expierence


OmGosh! The guns!! Check out the guns!! :laughing: :thumbsup: :laughing:

NOW we know who to call when a certain someone gets out of line!! :grin:


:joy: :muscle: Lmao! Sweet of you to notice, I’ve been trying to work on them. Still have a way to go though…



It shows hon! =)
Looking quite healthy. :grinning:

NOW, as for the picture you just posted… That’s nasty AF. And I’ll leave it at that. Lol


I meant to post in another thread. Moving these there.