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Why do RDA's hate me?


I’ve had the same issues… 3 or 4 different rda’s, every time they just seem to burn hot, flavor lacking, and just spitting at me. Doesn’t matter if I used claptons or single strand coils duel or single, just don’t understand it.
I’ll stick to my tanks.


Agree with @Norseman here, you should be able to see clear space under your coils. You want the air to be able to travel under it. Also allows the cotton to wick more effectively.


You don’t have to use smaller ID coils at all. You should be able to get flavor from what you have in there already.
All you have to do is to find the right amount of cotton in the juice well.


@SessionDrummer, here are some quick shots I took of my goon to give an idea. First pic, see how I leave the space under the coil free of cotton


Here are some others showing coil position vs air flow position


Thats what i am talking about it. That looks really good and allows for air to do its thing and you still have enought cotton for it to wick properly.


Another poster that might have some good input on that particular RDA would be @Nappen

Think he has about 8 of the Icons.

Some good points on wicking and AZ mentions that some coils are natural born spitters. I use round wire in most of my RDAs. Cotton push back to the post and all available airflow hitting side to side bottom of the coil.


I’m sending over this guy to help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2lS5tfPsM4
There is no good explanation. I have the Govad and it’s amazing in flavor. I truely don’t get it.


Try using a bit more cotton than you have until now, so that it’s reasonably tight in the coil, not too tight but tighter than you’ve used until now. I would also try higher wattage, with a 0.3ohm coil, try at least 70-80 watts.
I’d also try lowering the coils a mm or 2 that should help with the spit back too.
I have 2 icons and it’s a good RDA, flavor is good, not the best but better than an lot of other RDAs.


I’ve found when I get any spitting, it’s from not having enough cotton in my coil. I’ll wick it where it’s necessary to hold the coil w/my finger while I pull the cotton through, to keep it from distorting. Then I’ll thin the tails out a little after. This has always worked best for me


@SessionDrummer … Have’ya tried a good old simple, 6 to 10 single wrap (spaced), 2.5mm ID Kanthal or SS coil at around 14 to 20 watts? :grinning: If you wanna get fancy, you could do a twisted pair.

I’m not a fan of anything more intricate than what I’ve described. For me, these simple coils give me everything I want and need. And yes, I’ve tried the intricate coils… Meh. :smirk:


In all seriousness, I don’t have your model of the Steam Crave but I do have a number of newer released tanks now that produce wonderful flavor. The RDA’s I have are more on par than superior to those tanks. I have relegated my RDA’s to testing new mixes and to satisfy the occasional monster fog urge. My everyday vaping is all done with tanks and temp control these days. My goto wire has been either SS parallel clapton 2x26+36 or 2x28+36 for some time now. I use it spaced. Of all the coil configurations these are the most consistent for flavor and temp control compatibility per my trials. I’m sure there are at least a few reasons I find this wire nice to work with to include being “flat” they capture well in todays RBA’s. I don’t get spitting but SS does heat slowly and does not cause the violent e-juice boil that a lot of folks really enjoy. I have some “kids” (20’s…I’m old) that have become good friends in a local vape shop that always want me to try their latest builds. I will say this. They achieve massive vapor and a massive intense flavor blast at the beginning of the vape but firing their mod is like sucking on a pipe bomb, lol. All good. All fun. They also seem to enjoy the old farts mello TC builds as well.


Hehe… stopped by one yesterday, just to see if they sold (or ever heard of) NET juice… they had NEVER heard of or tried NET. Needless to say, they were all kinda blown away with the flavor of real tobacco… they all cupped my Kayfun V5 and took long, slow lung hits on my 22 watt single wrap setup… it was hilarious to see the look on their faces as they exhaled! No complaints from anyone… more like accolades, for what was in the tank. :grinning:

They kept addressing me a “bra” though? Is that a good thing? :rofl:


Lol, you nailed it. That was the reaction. Kinda like “Woah! Where did that come from?”. Maybe they were trying to say Bro? That would be a good thing, lol.


You are so in their group now Bra!


I’m in the same boat as you, so don’t feel as if you’re all alone. RTA’s have always produced flavor that was far superior to any dripper I tried, until I got my hands on a RDA with bottom airflow. Once I had built up a decent set of twisted wire coils and mounted them in my Nalu RDA, I finally “got” the whole RDA hype. Maybe it’s because my building techniques are already geared towards maximizing flavor from the bottom-airflow decks of RTA’s. I’ve ZERO clue. Hell, even with this revelation, I still prefer a good tank over an RDA, as I don’t want to constantly drip. I just prefer the “load-n-go” nature of a tank.


LOVE my Govad! Flavor for days!!! Only thing I don’t like is what gives it all the flavor, the bottom air flow… can’t just splurge juice into it, or it leaks out of the bottom airflow slots. I use the Govad for all of my flavor tasting because I get notes on it that I don’t on any of my other tanks. Just have to be patient and paint a little, and then fill the juice well. I can just dump juice into the Goon, but I don’t get anywhere near the flavor as I do in the Govad.

Off topic a bit, but the Vandy Vape Pulse has turned out to be a great flavor tank too! It lives on my squonker now lol.


Bra or bruh is a good thing, at least to them it is anyway lmfao When I was growing up, bad stopped meaning bad and somehow started meaning really good! Each generation has their own little thing I suppose lol


Everything I was going to say has been said already. I prefer single wire SS coils because less heat is generated to the body of the RDA as well as less ramp up time, 2.5mm ID if a 3mm is too harsh, and always leave an air gap under the coil to allow for airflow.
I would recommend moving your coils up/down a little in relation to your airholes and see if that improves the flavor for you. For me, either a direct side blast or just slightly raised above the air slot works well.


Of all my RDA’s I do like the Govad the best for flavor. As per you note, I get leaking too. I am trying to discipline myself to pull the cap and paint rather than drip down the tip. I think the Goon is my next favorite however i have to admit, I can make it leak as well, lol. I carry a wet rag.