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Why do RDA's hate me?


@AZViking thanks for the information.


@TheTinMan1 thanks very much for that.


@Kinnikinnick I haven’t tried that, and that would be interesting to try and see, if LESS is MORE.


@SessionDrummer I would give the CETO a try you can put a lot of different builds in it or use the mesh and you can Squonk with it

I ordered this mesh CETO RDA it should have good flavor and good air flow



@Walt3 Thank you very much for the details, anecdotal information, and specifics.



They must be behind the times, because I always hear “breh” in the vape shops now. Damn flatbills!


I’ve wondered the same thing with RDA. They are good for testing flavors in new liquids but it’s hard to beat the steam crave aromizer plus. I too do not get the incredible flavor that everyone says is so awesome. Have several RDA now that I simply do not use anymore because of the dripping hassle and the flavor just isn’t there for me.


Completely impressed with the idea of this design!!
I may actually forego the stalking of the the Troll v2, and go with this! Right out of the gate, I would think there should be almost 0 spit-back issues with this, since it’s firing towards the sidewalls! Which I’ve read can sometimes be an issue with the Troll (and other traditional RDA’s).

To be honest, I was scared to even click on the link, knowing how retardedly over-priced some of these name brands get… But I was very pleasantly surprised to see it only listed for $34!!

GREAT share brother!!
Thanks for putting this on my radar! =D


Wow!!! Never seen so many folks say flavor is better In a tank than on a dripper. For my…in the goon it beats the aromaizer supreme and all others ever day. But the supreme is great and the best tank I have along with my kayfun.

But all in all its all about the build. In the supreme I cannot get a simple round wire build to taste great. It needs a Clapton coil of some sort.

In the goon (and I have three) I vape using 24g ss316L 3mm 9 wrap coils or 3.5mm 8 wrap dual coils all day. Yes. 80watts. But the size of the goon requires a bigger build. If I were using 22mm atty I may do a smaller build to get the same result and so on.

What I’m trying to say is that for the build the build space I find the bigger the coil is needed. If you want to vape at 30-40w you need a smaller rda.

I am of course no expert!!! But I don’t normally jump into “building” convo’s because I’m not. But I swear my flavor in and rda with side airflow is great. I have three of them up and running all day.


Well, well, well, … interesting. Took out the claps, put in simple 9 wrap kanthal, little more cotton, making SURE to leave air under coils, and it’s completely different now. You guys are geniouses.



Next thing is spaced, which is really simple and to me offers more flavor. Once you have your coil wrapped take it off the jig and put your fingernails on the last wrap on each side. Give it a pull, spacing out the coils. Put it back on the jig and press it together several times and then it’s ready to be placed in your RDA.

This guy explains it a little better than I do in a quick 3 minute video.


The only thing I do different is not putting it on a screw driver. I just take off the jig and pull it apart and then put it back on the jig and compress it.


@TheTinMan1 sounds like a plan. Now that I can actually VAPE an RDA without it blowing me up, doing an A/B comparison with the Icon and the Steam Crave Supreme, back to back, both with similar kanthal coils.


I do know, in some cases, LESS can be less aggravating! :wink:

I’m with @TheTinMan1, a little spacing with coils might hold an added bonus, with regards to flavor. The main thing is, finding that setup that’s right for you. :wink: I found that with vaping NET and synth tobacco flavors, simple coils and low wattage was the key to my vaping enjoyment. Tobacco hates high wattage. The other added bonus I found with simple, low wattage coils… the battery life, in whatever mod I’m using, is tremendous!

Good luck in finding your Holy Grail coil set up! It’s magic when you do. :sunglasses:


Yeah man, surprising. I’ve heard good things about the aromamizer but once I got my rda setup right, I had no urge to go back to tanks. I tried once, for the heck of it, and couldn’t even get through half a tank. It was just that struggle to try to get the desired puff and never really getting it. No thanks. But I do have a friend who gets huge clouds and flavor from a tank, baby beast I believe. So to each their own and it must be all about the set up.


@Kinnikinnick Roger that. Too little time seems to get me every time, i.e. new setup, gives attitude, watch a few vids, try again, shelf it, come back to it, attitude, goes in the pile, LOL.

I will admit to REALLY liking things that: 1. Don’t Leak. 2. Easy to run. 3. Taste great.

Typically if it doesn’t meet them, it goes in the “trouble-maker” pile. I have granted special exception for my beloved Steam Crave Supreme, who can “dribble” if not upright, but it’s just so damned tasty, easy to run, fill, etc. it’s allowed to dribble. I have to say, I’m actually SURPRISED that at least in this case, the Icon did NOT seem to favor the more complex, greater surface area coil. Stepping back to a simple single wire wrap was almost night and day, which again, is surprising. I would have assumed the opposite.

Thanks to ALL of the comments above ^^^^, I was able to immediately switch to plan B, and compare directly, and make that verification. You don’t know, what you DON’T know ehhh ??


You bring up OTHER good points. I’ve never been a mega watt, cloud chaser. If it didn’t taste good, I didn’t care, so flavor was first. I do sometimes chuckle when I’m out, and I see a fellow vaper who’s slinging a 3 or 4 batt mod, chucking clouds, having fun. I like less watts if I can get away with it, as you said, batts last longer, and you don’t need 4 !!!


@TheTinMan1, I’ve read up on the whole spaced vs. pinched and never really found a hard list of benefits. You gotta have some right ??

You said more flavor, which, I love, hehe. I’ve heard cools off faster, maybe less gunking, etc. ??


One of the biggest benefits I’ve found is coil gunking for sure. Contact coils build up crust hella faster. Just a little bit of spacing helps with that a ton.

As far as flavor goes it could be the gunking of the coils. With contact coils as they gunk up you will notice a flavor loss.

I’m running 24g Kanthal spaced in a Limitless Plus RDTA. With contact coils I’m rewicking every 3 days to burn off the gunk. With spaced I’m changing the wick when the taste is off from the cotton breaking down. Barely have to pulse the coils when they are spaced and going about 4-5 days between wicking with cotton and 7+ days with rayon.


I’ve found that with spaced builds, there’s a definite bump in flavor thanks to the additional surface area of the coil that’s being exposed. The slower buildup of gunk is also a nice benefit. Just my two cents-Carry on!