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Why do RDA's hate me?


Thanks Pattie :facepunch:


Your generosity knows no bounds.

PMing you my info so you can send me this

Most awesome guy I know!!


Seriously, you are a good dude.


You got me in stitches brother :laughing:


@MisterSinner Wow, a SPARE !!! ???

I may have to get a FIRST one of those. Good flavor, easy to run setup for a first time Squonker ??


:grinning: There was a sale months ago on them… It was on the good deals thread but can’t remember where. Def a good starter/medium kit. The atty isn’t great IMO and the stock coils are pretty wonky but the mod itself is sturdy and super comfortable. So if you can get a decent real squonk RDA, you will be good to go. Have you hit this thread yet? @Rob62 has a tremendous amount of info here:

USA United Squonkers of America


@SessionDrummer Yo Buddy! Your ailment must be contagious! I just got a Griffin Mini in the mail today and OMG!!! What a PITA!!! I’m on my third wicking and my second coil build. I’d get either dry, muted, flavorless fog or the thing would leak like a sieve. I think I have found a solution with plain old single strand SS 26. It wants a long coil but not a wide coil. It wants no restriction in the wicking ports. It wants the ends of the cotton just tickling the top of the wicking ports but enough cotton around the wicking ports to stop flooding. It really doesn’t want to keep up to a clapton. One finicky little atty. It’s been an inch away from the trash can for about an hour now. I enjoy building, usually, but this thing is ridiculous. I’m real tempted to take notes for next time.


If you did not get all the RDA information you needed, please post some more questions/observations.
To recap:
spaced and 2.5 mm at 1.5-2.0 ohms works well for me too.


@Walt3 lol, is it too much to ask for a non picky wicking device these days lol. “2 inches ftom the trash can”, roger that.


Thank you @Brotherbob1 much appreciated brother.


@TheTinMan1 I appreciate you bringing up this detail. Finally (yes, slacking is mah motto) got around to loading a pair of spaced, 24ga, 5 wrap Kanthal’s in the SC v2. 6ml. and have only had a FEW tokes off it, but I gotta say, I did a double take. WHAAAAAAAA ??? !!!

NOW, with THAT said, were my old pinched coils old ? Yes. Did they look funky ? Yes. Were they in need of replacement ? Yes. BUT, but, BUT, I’ve vaped my setups (as most of us have) to be able to immediately tell when there’s been a BIG shift to the GOOD by making a change. So far, spacing seems to have slapped me in the face with a FLAVOR FIST. I’m shocked that I’ve never tried spaced coils before, … like EVER. I thank you for the tip off brother.

OMG that’s good…


Ummmmm, mind if I ask what THIS little beaut is …


You must take a look at all the pics of it in the WR Custom Mods thread. It is a bueaty.


This vendor just posted this on their thread. Clearance sale on the kit. No black available but good price. I’ve never shopped from them before, just a heads up.


  1. try fused claptons instead of normal singlewire claptons.
    normal claptons work great in tanks buth dont give enoph heat in a rda.
  2. try setting the coils closer to the posts. and lift them up slightly. when i look in my airholles i can se the bottom of my coils.
  3. or kinda 1 more wattage with better coils makes a tone of diffrence. :slight_smile:

and 4. @TheTinMan1 is talking bs :stuck_out_tongue: i have 9 Icons :stuck_out_tongue: not 8 hmf :wink:


some suggestions i could give you by the pictures i have seen

make your ID (Inner diameter) lower… is seems like you’re building at 3mm or higher ID… imho high ID isn’t favoring flavor… but in some cases it’s needed for being able to deal with the wick… for example a very thick wire may have a high ramp up time… but it also has a ramp down time… it could kill your wick easily when your wick goes dry after 1-2 long puffs if you don’t saturate them… and they require a lil more wattage than smaller ones for a faster ramp up than a smaller ID coil…
2-2,5mm works wonders

in your case the Watts you’re working seem really low for me… dual Claptons or dual fused claptons in my experience require much more wattage than the 40W you’re using atm… try to raise it… Fused claptons and wires like this are best for a warm vapor… when the watts are low you will experience spitbacks, not good flavor… etc…

Try Clapton wire 26+34
make like 7-8 wraps in 2.5 ID (it should be -0.5+ Ohms) wick it properly… and work at like 70-90Watts if you have sometime to see the difference

if you use less than needed = vapor will be hot as hell…
if you use more than needed = you miss on flavor and clouds…


Exactly my thoughts, did an ID of 2 and 2.5 no spitting…28g twisted no probes and flavour, went to 3 and there it went… spitting all over.
Try the Kendo gold as well a bit thicker but worth the try, I know it seems impossible coz looking at your builds are nearly perfect, the other thing I’d consider is not having both coils on the same axis us the external pins… just some thoughts…