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Why do RDA's hate me?


Very true I have tried this with a velocity and it worked good no spit-back and way less leaking :+1:

But you need to get 316L SS mesh for better flavor not the 304 that comes with the CETO
And when you dry burn just heat up the mesh but don’t glow it to hot or you may get a metallic taste


I have no empirical data to support this, only logic per my head, but I believe there is more effective surface area with spaced coils. The cotton obviously swells between the coil winds. I would think the heating would be more efficient as well as there is more open space for the heat to dissipate.


It certainly sounds logical. I don’t have the science to back it up but just observing during the pulsing process backs up what you are saying.

My two favorite builds are 22-24g spaced and 26g parallel. Parallel, being contact coils, cool down and ramp up slower. Both builds give me great flavor and I put that down to surface area, but the parallel coils gunk up at a much faster rate.


There is something illogical in my thinking as well. I know all of the heating wires instantly builds up an insulation layer but there is something simply wrong about laying wires together touching. That comes from a career evolving around electronics for 40 years and of course college back in the stone age of tubes. Ya just don’t do that!!!


Dang it! @Rob62 … if you put up one more pic of that Cthulhu CETO… I will not be responsible for my blind lust 2 a.m. actions! I already have the buy page loaded up on a tab… don’t make me do it! :smiling_imp:


Here is a picture of the build I have in the ICon and a second showing the drip tip I use, it is the the tallest that came with the RDA. I have no spit back, 3.0 interior diameter on the coil, a .18 build. It is pulling 20 amps and about 78 watts, battery is putting out about 3.75 volts.


DO IT :laughing:

Mine shipped today :smile:


I so want this. And a squonk mod to go with it! Some day…lol


Yeah you will love Squonking and the test mesh in my velocity worked really well but the clamp system on the CETO will keep the ohms stable and should temp control well :thumbsup:

I also want to try 3 spaced rows of fused clapton wire in the CETO


Hey sis… I have a “spare” Kanger DB160 in SS. Yours if you want it. Never used it. (I use the black one when I am in the squonking state of mind lol) I have the box and atty for it. No cost. My gift to you. I know you will use it and like it. Great starter squonker. PM me your address if you want it and I’ll send it out Wednesday. :+1:

@SessionDrummer sorry for the derail!


Good man! :sunglasses:


Right on thats Way Cool of you @MisterSinner :sunglasses:


:sunglasses: Okie Dokie! You win!

Ya know… I might even give their Cthulhu MTL tank a go as well! I totally missed all that MTL convo on the forum back in Dec '16. :pensive:


Yet again such a good example on why this site and the people here are so frigging awesome.
My hat off to you @MisterSinner :thumbsup:


Thanks brother :punch:


You are such a love! The world needs more of you bro :kissing_heart:


Many thanks sis :innocent:


Very interesting topic and read. I have a Pharaoh RDA, have only coiled and wicked it once. It works great.


What a sweetheart. Thank you! Pm’d you. :grin:


Awesome man. :ok_hand::+1: