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Wicking coils: do you peel the outside or not?


I Always do


I peel it roll it then I use my tweezers to rake it out at the tips to thin the ends out a little bit
wicks nicely


Likewise, peel and fluff! Always done a wonderful job for me.


I am cheap …I peel but I save the little skins in another baggie. Here’s a test… make a wick just from the peels …they work fine.


It’s all cotton. It’s like cotton bacon but just a longer strip and curled into the pot. :ok_hand:


I’m a peeler…


@Jazzy_girl I’ve heard plenty from both sides of the argument on this one. I do peel off the outer layer of my cotton. Having tested both ways (with and without) I can’t say I noticed any huge difference in wicking, just my .02.


I peel the outer layer for 2 reasons. One is that I have always done it that way and two because I find it easier to fed it through the coil without the outer layers


I don’t bother to do that, never have any trouble or difference with wicking either way.