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Wicking coils: do you peel the outside or not?


I found this video and thought it was interesting to share here. Do you peel the outside of the square wicking cotton or not?
To Peel or Not to Peel - YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eH-qo0e_OwU


I peel. :nerd_face:
Definitely better, gives you a nice fluffy core of cotton, all in the same orientation.
The outside tends to get compressed when it’s in its packaging, so, yes definitely peel. :ok_hand:


I peel as well, because that was how i was taught to do, but also because i use pads and always cut then into 4 strips, and by peeling it is easier to control the amount of cotton needed depending on build diameter and atty.


Yep, I defiantly peel as well. Makes for a nice fluffy wick


I don’t peel the outer layers off but I do seperate the pad in to two halves. I then loosely roll the cotton with the fluffy inner part facing out.


I quite using the pads because I prefer cotton bacon, but when I was using them I peeled the outside layers off. It seemed more absorbent that way.


I peal them. I’ve only been building maybe four months or so and of course that is what I seen done on youtube. I have never tried not pealing so I have no experience to contrast. I’m going to be playing with wicking some today. My Kylin is working as it should, no leaks, no dry hits, but I just have a sense that it could do better. Seems like a lot more air then vapor at the moment; unbalanced. Maybe I’ll play with not pealing, not sure.


I use Rayon, so I don’t peel anything.

But when I did use cotton pads It’d depend on my wicking method. Scottish roll, I’d peel one of the outside layers, the other outside layer was the side I’d roll over. But if I was just bunching and twisting I’d peel both layers.


I do like @louiesquared and usually half the cotton and roll it up. If I need the whole thing I’ll do what @kungfoogorilla said: peel one side off and roll it with the other side facing inward.


The key for me is shown here. A full covering of cotton above the wicking channel with cotton ends dangling into the open wicking channel. When I get this right I get the best vape I can achieve.


I used to peel when i used the pads but im a bacon snob usually, I keep going back to it everytime I try something different.
Incidentally when I was on the pads I tried it both peeled and unpeeled and the difference was kinda negligible 🖒


Thanks everyone :grin:


I don’t peel


I followed the sheeple and peel both sides after cutting a strip.

Will have to give the no peel wicking a try. Peeling does seem a bit of a waste. I just assumed the outer layers didn’t soak up the juice as well. Or another thought, a hygienic issue. The outside layers are dirty from the machine pressing or someone other than me handling the pad?


I use all the layers of my beloved Labo Puffs, but I only use a layer at a time and use the Scottish Roll technique.


After Dean made a test and found out that it doesn’t matter if you peel or not, it just pulls liquid the same, I stopped peeling and wasting time and my “expensive Muji” :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like vcc comes out on top for cotton anyway.


absolutely peel it…

the fluffier the cotton is… the best you get (specially if you’re using high vg juices) a tight or pressed cotton doesn’t get fed well… so peeling it works better in any case…


@pattie I was wonder if this cotton has a little strip that runs down the center? It kind of holds it together. Or is it all cotton? Just curious


I used to peel until I found that rayon tastes better, lasts longer, wicks cleaner, and is way cheaper in the long-run.