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Will FDA go after these kiddie alcohol flavors too?


There has been an explosion in micro brewers in my area. In fact our local Fresno State University is now giving a class in brewing with special emphasis on creating “flavored beer”… everything from watermelon to strawberry to this chocolate one I just came across. It is being heavily marketed

So the question is obvious: Is the FDA going after these too? Note the “kiddie label graphics”

Full Circle Brewing Co., Fudgement Day Black Forest Fudge Stout — This Fresno-made beer is actually made with trays of fudge, consisting of chocolate chips, and caramel, pomegranate and cherries. The beer was a collaborative effort with the brewery, Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Fresno.

It’s an easy-drinking beer, almost dangerously so because it has a 7% alcohol by volume.



Oh hell no! I’m convinced the FDA is nothing but a bunch of alcoholics, many with wet brain. Alcohol always gets a pass.


Those don’t look so ‘kiddie-labelish’ to me. Besides, why would they go after alcoholic beverages, even with kiddie labels? That’s not their focus. E-liquid is 1000x more readily available than beer! :roll_eyes:


Where do I buy in Canada? Those sound Delightfully Delectable!


Booze is more socially acceptable…


Nah, no more than they will go after flavored liquor.

Can you send me a sixer of that fudge stout? :tongue:


The government did something similar here in 2008 they increased the tax on premixed spirit drinks by 70% to discourage the children fro buying them. Now 10 years later and they have taxed an extra 10 billion dollars out of us and the % of teens drinking has changed by about 0%.

So Never say never because they (politicians) have to live the life they have become accustomed to. Here in Australia the meal allowance for each and every politician is about $186 per day when the aged pension is $907.60 (max) per fortnight and unemployment benefit is $501.00 per fortnight sorry for the rant these pigs disgust me with their greed.



What. The. Ever. Loving. FUCK???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry for the swears-But when a government employee is getting $186 a DAY for food? I’m afraid to even LOOK at what the leeches in DC are filching from the coffers for meal allowances. That’s straight robbery, and if they had an ounce of scruples they’d be lining up to give it back or jumping off the roof of the capitol. Sweet Chocolate Christ!


The GSA (US General Services Administration) per diem rate for business travelers to New York City is $291. So, if I was a federal employee and work made me travel to NY on business, I would have a $291 daily per diem. And better than that, most agencies give the full per diem as a rule, whether it is used or not. So if I’m there a week and eat only at the hotel free buffet or whatever, I am making $291 a day on top of my salary. Nice, eh? Per diem rates vary per city and NY is high, of course, but still.

*I am not a federal employee, nor do I play one on TV…


Yeah, but it’s New York.
I’d bet that it works out to $200 a night for the Motel6, and $20 each meal at McDonald’s.
Don’t look now, but you’ve still got $31 to go see a movie! Or buy two packs of smokes to grind into whichever politician’s face you see first!


I’d just have the hotel free swill and put the cash in my pocket!!


I’m voting with @SmilingOgre on this one @50YearsOfCigars


Possible new recipe?


Must include Holy Vanilla


IMHO they don’t have too, those are not that kid friendly, hopefully the kids will pass out before they overdose.
It’s a question of being a kid and seeing this:
and this:
and this:

you have 30 seconds to determine which is the candy and which is the e-liquid.


Absolutely! That’s a given! :sunglasses:


I had a juice from a shop in Memphis called Peanut Butter and Jesus. Wasn’t bad.


@CosmicTruth brings up the TWO questions behind the Question “Will the FDA go after kiddie Alcohol?”

1-.Do they, by principle of law, HAVE to? In other words, do they have a mandate to protect “the kids” from any danger, from any source material be that alcohol, vape juice, vitamin drinks, general household cleaning products (detergent pods), etc. etc. An important question behind the question is How far, by charter of their agency, MUST they go once they are on the slippery slope of ‘protecting the kids’… Once they take one bite of that apple, then aren’t they almost required (by logic and law) to just go for the whole apple?

2.-Overall, what, exactly constitutes ‘kiddie friendly’? I, personally think this is the most knotty of the issues involved here. Because what is attractive labeling or flavor of the contents to one person (kid or adult) on one type of product may or may not be attractive to another. This is the old ‘what is pornography?’ question. Do you know it when you see it? Is it dangerous in one case but not another? We are in the realm of opinions and cultural differences here. That is another slippery slope (dangerous slope) in which to exercise the police power of the State under a system of Law.

How is all this going to work as a practical matter anyway? Are the members of the CDC and the FDA going to sit around a big rotating table (like the professional coffee cuppers do) and pass hundreds if not thousands of samples pass each of their lips with a slurp of each one then tally up the votes? Who is to be the ‘final arbitrator’ of this elusive concept they are calling ‘tastes attractive only to kiddies’?

I asked many months ago when this subject first came up, How is this law going to be written? I, for one, will be fascinated to see the written law and regulation, if it every even happens. The whole thing is a legal nightmare for them to implement. Not the least of the problems will be this issue of uniform application of law. I think a law suit for violation of equal protection under law will happen instantly when the Alcohol Industry is Protected, but the Vaping Industry is penalized. It will be blatantly unfair and unequal and could be shown in court that the law does not meet the standards required of it.



Well said!


and then the Pixies invade

and The saga continues