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Win 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3, Enjoy Stable Vaping Experience--7/19


A Whiterose and aromatherapy…:triumph:


Favorite Summer vape is anything Lemon. :mask:


It looks like it’s limited to being useful only to those who like to trigger-fire their mod. That could be deceptive though, but without actually getting to feel the ergonomics of it in hand, I can only guess that that’s the case.
If that actually were to hold true though, that’s strike one in my book.It’s really more of a novelty item in my opinion… So I doubt the folks that this is geared towards would care.

As for ways to improve it, there’s one thing that’s been nagging at me. And that’s the “rubber” that’s being referenced. Now if that’s in regards to a silicone sleeve for the mod itself, that’s great. But if the sleeve (18650 adapter) is rubber, I think at best, that’s only a recipe for annoying the user, as rubber doesn’t slide easily. Especially when butted up against another plastic, such as the sleeves on most batteries. At worst, the rubber sticks to, and tears the protective sleeve on the battery.
Either way, a very poor choice on someone’s part.

I’m also curious why there’s a Chrome finished one shown (in the 4th picture on your site, beside the matte black version) but not available for sale?
(It’s not listed in the drop-down menu for "color choices)


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At the moment? A worn out finish’d Cuboid 150w with a Theorem riding shotgun.


ELR is as close as I get to “social media”, so consider it done :laughing:


@Underanne @Walt3 :grinning:


Oops! Just realized I missed #3!

I’m not yet a “seasonal” vaper. (I vape year 'round ;p) so I’ll have to say, whatever SF testing or personal recipe I’m working on at the moment, since I don’t buy retail liquids regularly.


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@sirgalvid1 (since “he doesn’t have any friends…”)
@Foxer (since they’re new and friendly!)


I’m in the E.T.X3 by Aliens mod is cool and I love the cases and color choices all the curves and lines make it very tough and mean looking I don’t see anything wrong or in need of correcting and whats funny is I am currently vaping with the 228 predator and currently I’m vaping on my (up your Pina colada) recipe it’s a great summer vape I know cause I made it myself lol D. I.Y. baby. Good luck to everyone including @GalacticResidue, @woftam, @Sprkslfly, @Pattie shared on Pinterest.


This is what I’m dripping my flavors on when I’m mixing


And 3rd and last entry twistedmesses zipper coil in my goon.


It looks cool
current device? PWM that I made myself, IPV4s,IPV5, Frankenskull, Mechanical squonker that I made myself.
Fave juice? the one i’m vaping now.
two friends? @DarthVapor @heatho72

  1. That is one fugly mod. I could see my grandson wanting to hold something like that while making zapping noises. Improve? Seriously? I would hope this is the pinnacle of this design. What more would you add? Little glowing antennas?
  2. Right at this moment the SX Mini ML Class
  3. Tiger’s Blood home brew version.
  4. Thank you!
  5. @Sprkslfly @Pattie

  1. I like the design and looks of the mod. Very unique style. As far as improvements, possible a hinged battery door?


#2 A PWM box mod.


Lemon parfait/custard


3 Lemonade style vape



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