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Win 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3, Enjoy Stable Vaping Experience--7/19


Watermelon sorbet


1.Share your thoughts on this ETALIENS E.T-X3 mod18. Any suggestion on improving it?

Looks cool as is, but maybe add “little glowing antennas”?


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2.Share your current vaping device with us. (pictures are preferred)


My thoughts. Not sure about the looks. I guess it wouldn’t slip out of my hands when using hand lotion.

Not sure if this is the DNA version, but if it was that would be much better


Let’s tag a few people who may or may not want to win something for free. @ozo (miss ya buddy) @Iglum @Tony_the_tiger @dinn


@Silhouette @Pisan777


What am I vaping on and a photo? Breakfast of champions.


What I said my favorite summer flavor? I can’t just have one. Here is a pic of yesturday mixing session. 34 recipes mixed.


3.What’s your favorite ejuice flavor for summer vaping?


I want one.


Love the twisted messes 24


They’re a darn nice little unit. Solid. Nice in my hand anyway. Great menu system. Use with or without SXi software. Very accurate TC, watage, and resistance reads. I ran across six of them at Wild Bills Smoke Shop for ~$60.00 and snagged one. Only constraint that I contend is that they will only accommodate 22mm attys without overhang. Not a lot of really great RTA’s in 22mm. I’ve got a couple of Ammit singles and a Beast that fit and do the job. I get a strong sense that mod will last a good long time per construction. Like all YiHis it says refined as well. I like that. I wear a Seiko watch. It’s not conspicuous consumption but it’s solid and has class. I feel the same way about Yihi mods.


I would have jumped on that deal too. Unbelievable, that you found it at a Wild Bills, maybe I should walk into one every now and then.

The Yihi chip rocks, I like it way better than the DNA. I am gonna get the sx350j as soon as I can, and build a mod around it.


I have to agree. My DNA’s have gotten testy with me on occasion. The DNA75C ships with a wimpy 316L TC profile along with other mod manufacturer sins. Prior to the “C” the “guess the button sequence” navigation made me nuts. Yihi is damn solid.

Also yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them in the display. I’m like " that can’t be real '. Here’s the kicker to my way of thinking, A week and a half later there were still some left in the case. A lot of mods in the “herd range” had sold, but there sat a few ML’s. I don’t get it.


LOL “herd range” that had me going good. I know what ya mean, it don’t make no sense, as they say. The ML’s don’t really get a lot of publicity though, probably because they cost a little more.


I think you’re right. Rarely see a Yihi at a B&M. Don’t see the publicity. Didn’t start seeing Yihi until I picked up on a few better reviewers and a couple of decent forums like this one. I get folks not wanting to drop $200.00 for a mod, but I also get folks who do. Yihi makes a solid mod that really should last a very long time. I dig the fact that you are going to make a mod based on a Yihi. Couldn’t have a better heart beat. Definitely would love to see the end product.


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Forgot I had a Pinterest account, pinned.


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I like the looks of it. The only improvement I can think at this time, would be a matching, rebuildable tank.