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Win Digiflavor Siren 22 & 25, Rebuildable MTL tanks with Pure Flavor


It’s time for MTL vapers and flavor chasers. Digiflavor Siren was showered with praise since its release last year, even now, some people still ask where can buy it. Therefore, we bring this not new but great Siren as prizes for you this time. It has two versions - Siren 22 and Siren 25, a 22mm diameter and a 25mm diameter version, separately 4ml and 5ml e-juice capacity. It features genesis style deck, but slightly different from traditional genesis tanks, the chamber is closer to the drip tip, which is the key to produce relatively purer flavor. Considering the size of the tank, the build deck is pretty roomy, so super easy wicking for most people. In addition, it adopts improved airflow and leaking proof design, ensuring a better vaping experience. The highlight of the Siren is it combines the advantages of vacuum and Genesis, owning a smooth liquid flow, no leaking and burn taste. Do you want this atty to be the new family of your collection? Anything is possible. Don’t hesitate to join us.

This time, simple rule, let’s just play “guess the name” chain game: the first participant posts a vape gear picture, next person needs write down the name of that device & paste the product link if it’s available at heavengifts.com, and then post another vape gear photo. (If you can’t name out the product of previous post, just write “no idea” and post Siren 22 or Siren 25)


  1. We use random.org to select and announce 2 winners on June 16, 2017. The first winner we choose will get Siren 22, the second one will get Siren 25.
  2. You can enter as much as you want, just please wait for someone else to post before you post your second entry.
  3. We require at least 30 participants.


Well I guess I’ll start. Name that mod.


The Voopoo Drag.


An easy one, you can see the brand, now what’s the rest.


I believe the Halo Tracer v1


Name the tank


Smok Alien. Oops the tank. Idk



Not quite, it is the Reactor.


Dang, I was so close,lol


I believe that is the SMOK TFV8, yes?



Here’s my contribution


The Billow



I want to say that’s an IPV8? I couldn’t find a link at HG.



OK, let the game begin ! :+1::laughing:

Augvape Merlin Mini




:ribbon: And I think it would be fair to avoid double subsequent posting ! The edit post function is working just fine. :ribbon:


Is that a solo elf? You can get a kit here…