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Win Digiflavor Siren 22 & 25, Rebuildable MTL tanks with Pure Flavor


Congrats @Jazzy_girl


Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited to win!! This is so awesome!! This just made my day so awesome!! Thank you again :blush: :blush: :blush: ill send you a message asap with details. I would absolutely love to try the Siren 22. Hopefully I can change it :grin:


Congrats @Jazzy_girl


Grats @Jazzy_girl


Congrats @Jazzy_girl


Well done @Jazzy_girl :gift: and thanks for the contest @Heaven_Gifts.


Congrats! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Congrats @Jazzy_girl and thanks to @Heaven_Gifts for the contest.


Congratulations @Jazzy_girl. I thought about entering the contest, but I already own two Siren 22s and I have a third on the way. I decided to let someone else have a crack at trying my favorite RTA. I sold all my other dozen or so RTAs after I bought my first Siren. My only complaint (and many others) is that it seeps like no other RTA I’ve had when I first got it. But when you get it just tighten down the positive post and it fixed the issue for me and several others.

I avoided the 25 though. If it isn’t too late I’d suggest you do the same. The window is press fit and has a tendency to leak and some have reported it falls out after awhile. Some have had luck glueing it back in when it does start to leak or falls out though, so up to you. Either way, congratulations!


Nice win @Jazzy_girl let us all know your thoughts on it’s mtl performance…I’d love to hear! Thanks again @Heaven_Gifts for the chance to win! I hate we were only 7 people away from a second winner :cry: but I can’t complain…I forgot to tag damnit


@kungfoogorilla thank you for the info! I messaged them and changed to the siren 22 instead. I appreciate the tips! Hopefully its not too late. I didn’t get a tracking number or anything yet so maybe ill still have time.


I’m not Jazzy, but I’ll give my $0.02.

It’s a great MTL device. However, to get a true MTL experience you have to use the smallest air hole half closed to achieve it. If they would have made an air hole one size smaller I think it’d be on more MTL vapers radars, but using the smallest air hole half closed works very well for MTL. Besides, it’s PBusardo approved. Said it’s his favorite sub-$50 MTL RTA and he pretty much only does MTL, so that says something in my book.

That said I’m not an MTL vaper myself. I’ve tried doing MTL with a KayFun Mini v3 clone and the Siren, so I’ve used MTL on two very good MTL devices out there. While it’s enjoyable I still prefer a nice tightly restricted DTL vape so I use it on the smallest air hole wide open on the Siren and it’s perfect for me.


No problem. I hope it’s not too late as well. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Good info! I love mtl and dtl vaping and its nice to see companies are still making dual use tanks. It doenst hurt that it looks pretty cool too :sunglasses:


When I first started vaping the market was pretty much flooded with wide open airflow tanks and RTAs. I had several of these RTAs. It was the only thing I really knew, because I bought what was the most popular and well reviewed at the time. Then along came the Serpent Mini. A fantastic little RTA that taught me you don’t need wide open airflow to have a satisfying vape. That’s when I went on a search for the RTA that fit me best. Bought a few RTAs including the Kayfun Mini V3 clone in my search, which is how I found out that MTL is not really my thing. The Serpent Mini (22mm, the 25mm had way too wide open airflow), Merlin, Merlin Mini, Ammit were my most used RTAs until I stumbled upon the Siren. And I do mean stumbled, because Digiflavor’s marketing of the Siren was nearly nonexistent and I only heard a couple people talking about it. After some hemming and hawing, I finally made the purchase. I was satisfied with the Merlin Mini that became my staple, but it had its problems, so I decided to give the Siren a try. Since then I haven’t put it down, bought a second and have a third one on the way. I might even get one or two more because I really don’t want to be without.


It sounds like we have similar vape preferences. I also have the 22mm serpent mini as well as the merlin mini and love the heck outta both of them. I tend to gravitate to the merlin in single coil mode. That’s a tough one to beat! I’m gonna have to pick up one of those sirens if they vape anything like the others mentioned. So get the 22mm version right?


The 22mm Serpent Mini was the first tank I really realized you don’t need wide open airflow to have a good vape. It was my favorite RTA for some time. The Merlin and Merlin Mini are both great RTAs too. But I definitely think the Siren beats it. The Merlin Mini might have slightly, and I do mean slightly, better flavor. Maybe, but it’s definitely competitive. But I like the airflow, building on, and juice capacity on the Siren more than I do on any of those other RTAs.

And yes, I’d say go for the 22mm Siren. The 25’s window is a gimmick and basically useless imo. That alone wouldn’t be a deal breaker if you were after a 25mm RTA, but the problem is that it’s press fit, so it’s not exactly built to last. I’ve heard too many stories of 25’s window getting leaky or the window just plain falling out after a few months.

Also, I think I mentioned it in the thread, but I’ll mention it again. Tighten down the positive post or else it’ll weep a bit. After tightening down the positive post I haven’t had any weeping to really speak of. For some reason or another Digiflavor must not be tightening down the positive pin post screw very well, so both my Sirens weeped slightly until I fixed it.