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Win Ijoy Avenger 270 Kit, Artificial Intelligent for Voice Control--5/17


IJOY has always been the pioneer of new techniques in vaping field, from the Asolo 200W with taste control (temperature control) to the Captain PD270 with new 20700 batteries. Now the IJOY just released the intelligent Avenger 270 Kit with hot AI for voice control, making it a device you can talk with and he will listen to you. The Avenger Kit consists of an Avenger 270 box mod and an Avenger sub-ohm tank. Powered by dual 20700/18650 batteries (with a battery sleeve), the Avenger 270 mod supports maximum output power of 234W and advanced VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR modes. The large colorful OLED screen displays vaping date clearly. With brand-new voice control, the Avenger 270 is so unique and outstanding. The paired Avenger tank adopts easy top filling design, adjustable bottom airflow and wide-bore resin drip tip. It comes with pre-made mesh coil, which brings delicious flavor and massive clouds. The Avenger Kit will never let you down.Now Heaven Gifts offers you chances to win it for free.

To enter:

1.How do you think of the “Voice Control” technology

2.Is this Avenger 270 Kit playable to you? Why?

3.Is there any other Ijoy product you like? Paste its link via heavengiftscom

1.We will pick 1 lucky winner via random.org on May 17, 2018.
2.Each person can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 20 participants.


#1 What do I think of the “voice control”
If it works then cool.


2 I am not really sure what you mean by " playable " I like it if that is what your asking. I have the revenger and I like it a lot. so it’s big sister is looking kinda Hot, if ya know what I mean. ok don’t know how the letters are bold or how to fix it.

oops, I mean step sister


#3 https://www.heavengifts.com/product/234W-IJOY-Captain-PD270-with-Captain-S-TC-Kit.html


#4 @Sprkslfly @Har_d_vape @heatho72 @DaveDave


#5 @SessionDrummer @Nextron @SunnyT


1 Siri, what i think about “Voice Control” technology?


2 Yes, i like voice control)


3 https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-Diamond-Mini-MOD.html


4 https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-ELITE-Mini-Kit.html


5 https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-Saber-100-VW-Kit.html


1.How do you think of the “Voice Control” technology
Is it possible that “Skynet” will come from vape industry? :rofl:
I like it.

  1. One day in the not to distant future Artificial Intelligence & Robotics will rule the World.
    Voice Control technology is just one example of the impending dangers. image

  1. I would have trouble navigating this device. I am Technologically Retarded


Is there another Ijoy product you like?

  1. Yes I own this Ijoy product

  1. Here’s a Selfie of me Chuckin Massive Clouds image


5) This is a photo of Eminem spittin’ rhymes & Chuckin Clouds for Dayz with his Vamo V5


2.Is this Avenger 270 Kit 1 playable to you? Why?
Playable as if I would have fun with it? I guess so.


3.Is there any other Ijoy product you like? Paste its link via heavengiftscom
I like this baby https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-Saber-100-Kit.html


Post #1
Wow voice control! Sounds interesting