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Win Oumier VLS, Try the First Vertical Coil & Transverse Coil Suitable RDA-1/30


Dear vapers, is there anything more pleasant than trying an innovative device? Of course not. Today we bring you an interesting RDA from Oumier as prize, called VLS. Constructed from PC and stainless steel, VLS is a cute RDA with 25mm outer diameter. It features a unique separately posts build deck, which is suitable for vertical coil and transverse coil with single coil or dual coils building, meeting different vaping requirements. The precise five holes side airflow system can deliver big clouds and awesome flavor. Together with easy top filling, a 810 drip tip, 1.5ml deep juice well, it will bring your RDA vaping experience to a new level. Moreover, with the included replaceable BF pin, you can also enjoy squonking pleasure. Wanna get your hand on this cool RDA? Just simply join us, you will have chance to bring it home for free.

To enter:

1.What’s your thought of this Oumier VLS RDA?

2.Which RDA on the market do you think is very innovative?

3.Share your building pics or any vape memes with us.

4.Share Oumier VLS RDA on any of your social media pages.

5.Tag 3 of your friends here.

1.We will pick 1 lucky winner via random.org on Jan 30, 2018.
2.Each person can post 6 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 20 participants.


What does PC stand for in this case??

I looked at your site (using the link you provide above, and it doesn’t give any info about PC either).

It does say the tip is made from PEI (no idea what that is either… or I’m not firing on all cylinders at the moment - entirely possible as well. lol)




Post #1
It looks interesting w/ vertical coil build, trying to wrap my head around all those holes. I suppose that video may help me but as


post #2
the https://www.heavengifts.com/product/NCR-Nicotine-Reinforcer.html is innovative but needs more improvements.
NCR RDA - The exception to the rule?


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  1. Its quite lovely

  1. The Twisted Messes


  1. Posted to the Book of Faces

  1. @QaxXxuZ

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#1 the vls looks really neat, I especially like the vertical coil compatibility


#2 I think the vls is as innovative as anything else out there!


#3 @VapeyMama @Cutlass92 @Molly_Mcghee


#4 this is my social media, @Dan_the_Man @Kenbu @TW12




#6 @Lexie3 @Bugalien @robin