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Win Resin Version Voopoo Drag, Show off This Unique Intelligent Device


Congratulations @Pattie :tada:
Thank You for the great giveaway @Heaven_Gifts :heart:


Congrats to you @Pattie :+1:


Well done @Pattie and a bit thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for another great giveaway.


Congrats @pattie


Congrats @Pattie! I am so jealous! I guess my birthday really isn’t bringing me any luck this year…I lost out on this and the whiterose custom! Damn, I guess I’m so old my luck has run out! Hope you enjoy it, it looks like an awesome mod!

Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the opportunity and another awesome giveaway!


Congrats @Pattie and thanks @Heaven_Gifts


I’ll pop a few pic’s on when she arrives, so stoked to win this!!
Your luck has to change some day​:wink:, you never know, and I promise not to enter the next one, well mabey. :joy::+1:
Thanks for everyone’s thanks. Appreciated. :yum:


Yay! Whoop @Pattie :grin::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::+1:


Congrats @Pattie


Congrats @Pattie