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Win Resin Version Voopoo Drag, Show off This Unique Intelligent Device


4… @GPC2012 Jedi Vapemaster


5… @VapeyMama


6… @AZViking :sweden:


7… @SessionDrummer


Oh boy we will need some more participants. @Amy2 @Kinnikinnick @Pro_Vapes



The resin version looks great. The carbon fiber was just too plain looking.


Entry 2.

I’m really liking the green but if there was a red version I would be drawn to it.


Entry 3.

Took my son to his first movie at the theater. That’s the best gift of all sharing awesome experiences like that with him!


Entry 1

It looks good.


Entry 2

The green. Would like blue and other colors.


Entry 3

Anything goes. Its getting together thats mostly important.


Entry 4

@GPC2012 @tbt127 @Chevy @redscaddy22


I just remembered I have two more entries.
I’ll use this one to say a big thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for running so many giveaways.


And this one to say well done for the slight change in rules. It’s great not seeing one or two names taking up over half the overall entries. :thumbsup:


Sweet looking mod to begin with…the resin just makes it better!


The green is nice. I think a white/black resin would be awesome. Or a red and white mix


A day out at the lake was my boys gift to me and we had a great time! On a paddle boat for two hours…my legs then turned to jelly lol


Nice one to grab here
@SessionDrummer @Volition @paingawd @GPC2012 @Bob_Bitchen


Thanks Heaven Gifts for this contest! As usual! :grin:



It’s a good looking mod I really like resin version it better than the carbon fiber one.