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Win Resin Version Voopoo Drag, Show off This Unique Intelligent Device



both colors are good but I would like the red or orange color.



Lots of quality time.



@woftam @Josephine_van_Rijn



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Love the look on the resin and have heard from friends who have the original Drag that it has excellent performance. Definitely a mod I would love to add to my collection.


Love the green color but would also love to see a red with black.

This color looks pretty nice too:


A hug and a I love ya Pops, the best gift any man can ask for.


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@MysticRose @woftam @BoDarc


Share your thoughts on this Resin Version Voopoo Drag TC Mod.

  • Nice shiny box, i like shiny!
    Which color do you prefer? or Any other colors you think should be added?
  • The green but more choices would be nice.
    What’s the best gift you sent to your old man or received on Father’s Day?
    The replica of the “leg” lamp from xmas story went over very well, lmao
    Tag 2 of your friends here
    @Iumentum @BoDarc


I am hoping it will do what it said it will.nice for a change… How about a fire red…


Entry1 I love the fast fire feature and the wattage curve function! I also think it’s a nice addition to the mod for a cool resin siding!


Entry 2
I think I like the green the best! If there was a smokey black with white vapor in it that would be cool!


Entry 3
Don’t have any social media accounts other then elr!
Shared on elr lol


Entry 4
Best Fathers Day gift I have recieved was getting taken to a nice restaurant for dinner and some new flavorings.


Entry 5
Tag your it lol @Tony_the_tiger and @fidalgo_vapes


Entry 6
Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for this awesome giveaway on such an awesome device!


Entry 7
Here’s my last entry! I wish everyone the best of luck winning this mod. Who ever gets it will be lucky Indeed!

  1. thoughts on the voopoo drag
    Very nice looking mod, love that form factor.


2)Which colour do you prefer?
That purple is very nice indeed. Mabe a red marble would look good too.