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Win Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA, 360 Surrounding Airflow, Press to Fill--8/28


@mstokens @nicomanteno @worm1


I’m currently using the Aromamizer Supreme V2.


I’m also currently using the Deja Vu RDTA


@Molly_Mcghee, @Cutlass92, @GPC2012


1 I’ve had and still use the Limitless RDTA @SessionDrummer @Norseman @Mix_and_Hope


2 I’m currently using the VV Pyro rdta. @Sprkslfly @Burga @Daemor


3 I had the Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA and I’m still using it @DarkJester89 @Kenbu @Bad_Influence


Still no RDTA’s :cry:
@Cosmic @SessionDrummer @Dan_the_Man


1 I had the Mad Hatter RDTA and I still use it @elvir4ik @masrock @jacksun


2 I had the GeekVape Avocado 22 RDTA and I still use it @Molly_Mcghee, @Cutlass92, @GPC2012


3 I had the wasp nano RDTA @mstokens @nicomanteno @worm1


I really wish I had a single coil RDTA, because I like a restricted airflow on my tanks, I think a “MTL” device like this might be enjoyable.

  1. @CosmicTruth @deathmetalvaper @VladSumy

  1. I also like the Kees Solomon RTA.


1 I had the IJOY Tornado RDTA @elvir4ik @masrock @jacksun


2 I had the SMOK TF-RDTA 2. @CosmicTruth @deathmetalvaper @VladSumy



My favourite is GeekVape Peerless RDTA




Adore my DejaVu RDTA




I have the Tauren BF RDTA, use it sometimes.



3 I had the GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA @Cosmic @SessionDrummer @Dan_the_Man