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Win Wismec Predator, Experience Multifunctional Cloud Chasing Advanced Combo Kit


All fixed now lol


Loving the hidden fire button. Whole mod looks sturdy :+1:


@grubby @BoyHowdy @MisterSinner

P.s Thanks for the heads up @Josephine_van_Rijn - I shall gift it to somebody in need of a treat and who can actually receive it should I be the lucky winner :+1: :smiley:


Dude I never enter HG’s giveaways. Simply because I don’t like jumping through all the hoops they require to enter.
Usually I don’t even open their giveaway posts.
You know, you could do the same thing!
So instead of opening HG’s giveaway posts just to bitch about what they require people do to enter their contests, JUST IGNORE IT!
The vast majority of folks on ELR enjoy HG’s giveaways and have no problems doing what they require to enter. So probably the last thing HG or ELR needs is for you to chime in on THEIR post pissing and moaning about the entry requirements.
Just my 2 cents, take it for what it’s worth.


Just like @DrChud said, if anyone in the U.K. wins, you can use my address and I’ll forward it on to you.


You know that old saying opinions are like … everybody’s got one. The last half of what I said was not nice and in called for. I have deleted that part of the post and encourage all to have fun and participate


The look and the hidden fire button.



Gotta tag two so may wonderful members so little time. wowsers

@Skullblade789 @SthrnMixer @Brotherbob1 @woftam @MisterSinner


Thanks for the @ but I’ll sit this one out.

I’ve won a lot from HG and they are very good to us here, they ARE giving away gear, so a little exposure helps them to do that more often.


Looks is all i can judge it on right now and it looks good - hopefully it will function as it looks


@modfogger @CronesCauldron

Cheers for the tag @GPC2012 @fidalgo_vapes


I like the idea of using the mod as a portable battery… nice.


@daath @dirk @PRod549


1.Which feature/technology do you like about Wismec Predator?

the reverse charging is the coolest feature.


Unique hidden fire button and compact size .


@kungfoogorilla @Saxon2

Thanks for the tag @woftam


Thanks for the tag @modfogger.
But I think I’ll pass on this one


The fire bar is always my favorite feature


@GPC2012 @Volition
Nice kit here fellas if you want in!