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Win Wismec Predator, Experience Multifunctional Cloud Chasing Advanced Combo Kit


It seems we’ve been long not having a contest offering you a powerful mod. Well, this time, we bring you the Wismec Predator. Excuse me? You have not heard it yet?
Predator is the first mod that is capable of supporting 2A quick charge and being converted into a power bank for charging other electronic devices,designed by sinuous designs in USA. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, it can fire up to 228w max. The new balance charge technology brings two cells to an equal state of charge. The unique hidden fire button adds a highlight to the neat appearance of this mod, and the compact size makes it feel nice in hand. With upgradeable firmware, you can always keep the Predator up-to-date. The kit matches a new tank,Elabo,which features a detachable structure, retractable top filling solution and innovative childproof lock system. The e-juice capacity will be a little bit different based on what coil head you use. When using triple 0.2ohm head, the tank can hold 4.9ml; while using NS Triple 0.25ohm head, it can fill 4.6ml of e-liquid. And the design of no threads coil system enables you to replace a used coils faster and without getting e-liquid on your hands.
Very appealing right? Join our contest below, you might have chance to get your hands on it!

To enter:

1.Which feature/technology do you like about Wismec Predator

2.PM us any of your local e-cigarette online store or BM store info (requires the vendor’s name and contact) with “Wismec Predator” posted. (A Participant who picks this entry to enter can get an extra $5 US dollars Heaven Gifts gift card)

3.Share Wismec Predator Kit in your social media page(Simply click any title below to share)

4.Tag 2 members to join


  1. One entry one post;We use random.org to select 1 winner on April 6, 2017.
  2. The $5 US dollars Heaven Gifts gift card you won in this contest could be redeemed with our 15% off code “AHG15” without any minimum consumption restriction
  3. At least 100 entries for the whole contest.


Please stop calling these things a “giveaway” when you’re asking people to work and advertise on your behalf with a promise of “there might just be a 1% or less chance that we’re going to pay your advertising for us with a cheap mod”. That is just creepy and very disrespectful. If you’re putting people to work for your company, they should be paid no matter what.

If you’re talking about a GIVEAWAY, organize a proper giveaway where you GIVE and not PAY for people’s advertising efforts.
I so dislike companies that push people to social media, meh


I wouldn’t go that far. HG has been pretty good to elr. Tag an elr friend ok…sure. Let them know where I shop…ok. Facebook post…hmmm maybe not. But it’s still free for a few seconds to enter.


Exactly, it’s a free world, I’m not going to stop you and success if you go for it :slight_smile: Just saying that I don’t agree with the word giveaway when they expect you do advertise for them, it’s just not a giveaway.

A lot of Youtubers do giveaways, they usaully say “leave any comment to enter the competition” in stark contrast with this and you can often win a hell of a lot more too. This is just asking people to advertise for them and I’m also free to think it’s cheap advertising and abusing people’s enthusiasm for vaping for their personal gain.


No one is twisting your arm forcing you to participate.
If you don’t like the rules fine, but don’t talk on the behalf of everyone on ELR since i’m sure a bunch of people don’t mind how the rules look at the moment.
For an small effort they get a chance on getting a mod or whatever it is that HG is giving away.
Instead of ruining this thread where HG has the giveaway why don’t you start another thread where you can complain about it all.


Err… this is a forum filled with people with personal opinions. I am not talking on behalf of everyone in ELR!! :slight_smile:


Dude, this is just totally uncool and uncalled for. If you don’t like entering contest then just don’t open the thread.

Heaven Gifts has been very good to this site and you are simply being rude.


I saw DJLsb’s review of the Predator and it looks like Wismec has finally fixed their horrendous 510. Besides that, the claim of balanced charging would be nice if true.


PM sent for my local B&M.


So…I’m doing a giveaway right now…I’m giving away $100 in gearbest stuff and in return I’ve asked people share the giveaway wherever they want and post the link on my site…that’s 2 minutes of effort for the chance to win $100…and you think this is bad??..
Yes I’m getting exposure out of it…MAYBE …because the more exposure I get the more successful my site becomes, and the more successful my site becomes the more I can afford to giveaway my money…again…you think this is bad?..
Do you never go into a shop and buy something?..guess what…they sold you that for personal gain…If you don’t agree with this kind of tit for tat advertising then don’t read it, ignore the thread and don’t enter. simples!.

HG have been over generous with their giveaways with us over the last year and many have benefited. I only hope they made more money out of any free advertising we gave them. They’re a business…it’s what they do.


i like the reverse charging


@woftam @Alisa


I like the reverse charging, the hidden fire button and the fact that it is firmware upgradable.


[quote=“Heaven_Gifts, post:1, topic:125947”]
3.Share Wismec Predator Kit in your social media page(Simply click any title below to share)


@Ajinkya @DrChud @tbt127 @GPC2012 @VapeyMama

@Lolly my dear, I saw on the website they’re not allowed to send Wismec products to the UK :cry: I only participate in this contest because they need at least 100 entries so I’m doing my bit here :grinning:


A 510 that actually works :grin:




@Underanne @Fenrir1


If anyone in the uk wins they can use my address and I’ll send it on no worries.


Thanks love, but I’m not in the UK but @Lolly is :laughing: