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Win Wismec Predator, Experience Multifunctional Cloud Chasing Advanced Combo Kit


Congrats @DrChud


Congrats Doc!


Whoooooooop! Congrats petal!


Awesome stuff man 🖒👌


WooHoo. I can’t believe I got this. Thanks a million everyone and a big thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for the great giveaway. I suppose I can release the leprechaun I had held hostage now :grin:


let us know what you think , you have the alien right ??? id love to know how they compare or dont compare


I will indeed buddy. I have an ipv8 too


Nice job @DrChud that rocks!


Me too cos I’m a bit in love with the look of the predator. My alien is getting slightly jealous at having a potential competitor :joy:


the kaos is supposed to be another one thats well priced and an alien competitor


Ooooh off to have a nosy :+1:


It’s got pretty lights :heart_eyes:


From my experience of the ipv8 so far, I would take it over the alien all day.