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Wizard Labs security breach


Some CAP but not New York Cheesecake.:wink:


That would be super awesome of you guys! Thx @BullCityFlavors :+1:Looks like there could a positive side to all this lol!


Nicotine River offers TFA for $1.25 per 10ml and FW for $1.49 per 10ml and their brand Purilum for $1.59 per 10ml. Caps is $1.99 per 10 ml though :frowning:

Free shipping $50 and over, I think?

Off to check out BCV now, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

EDIT: ohhhhh, BCV has the new FW flavors and carries Liquid Barn :smiley:


I also like getting the original factory bottles for caps and flavorah from bcf!




This started before July. I got 2 credit card numbers stolen from using them in June. I am not the only one. I emailed them and they did not even bother to respond! And a lot of us who had it happen earlier had many similar charges attempted on our cards! High end perfume, make up, sneakers, even the same websites! It’s about time they are doing something!

Good job @Silhouette for catching that. I wonder if it was also in there in June for a bit??


They have in their email between end of May to June 26 (I think it was 26th) but I continuously scanned twice a day until July 7th, that being the day the error was gone, so I am pretty darn sure this was between May-July 7, any purchases made between then should be looked at very carefully to make sure no one else’s cards got used.


I missed that screen shot! Thank you!! My mistake!


We also have standing coupon codes. So a 10ml of TFA is actually $1.21 and FW is $1.40 after the ELRECIPES coupon. =)


I got the email. they never said they had a breach. They said that IF there was a breach it was with in a given time frame. They also said that they still haven’t found the problem or how the info was stolen. they did however offered a credit shield service. but to me that felt like they were blaming me for my info being stolen.


My info actually did get taking and the scumbags went on a shopping spree with my numbers. Shout out to wizard labs for letting ppl know and also hooking ppl up with a 12 month monitoring program.