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Wonder Flavors


Has anyone tried any of the new Wonder Flavors that Gremlin is now carrying?


They appear to be a new Canadian company.

Wonder Flavors?
Wilton flavors? (Actually Wonder Flavors)

I saw that on facebook recently, so I cleaned up what we had in the database:


I might contact them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post. I’ve been looking for a good pecan. Hopefully these will fit what I need.


Thanks for the post again.
I have been looking for a great chocolate.


I updated the flavor database for WF, added gravities, MSDS and warnings (they are doing testing for diketones, and they said that until they get the results back, they’re playing it safe and saying they may contain diketones).

Also ELR gets you 10% off! :slight_smile:

@Pro_Vapes - What?! Did ELRECIPES give you a discount?! :smiley:


I got mine at Gremlins. I remembered to check the resource page this time. I got 5%… anything off is better than nothing


Can’t wait to hear thoughts on the new flavor company! =D


I had a few. I tried them and pifed them to a friend. They remind me of tfa flavors. To me they were pretty weak. The vanilla one was pretty good. The butterscotch pudding was ok as well. The chocolate chunks reminded me a whole lot of tfa chocolates. The strawberry reminded me of tfa ripe a bit. They were ok but just too weak for what I like to mix personally.


I kinda thought they might be at $3 for 15 mls? I figured what the he’ll… give’em a shot. I really want a pecan that I like.


I tried 2 flavors out so far and realize they’re not for me…meaning I won’t be buying the entire line or anything. They are weak and while the flavor taste ok there’s just way better options out there.

Blueberry Smoothie http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/121703
Fresh Strawberries http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/120718

I will continue to use the amount I have and in hopes they steep stronger but I doubt they will.


Totally agree the strawberry was pretty good and so was the vanilla one they sent me free. I pifed all of them to a buddy on FB. Oh well it’s always worth a try. I even ordered mine before they were in the US. I guess there’s hype on flavors just like juice :wink:


I have done that a plenty w/ FA especially and 99% are always hype flavors about 2 of the 5 I got overseas are meh ok and use them everynow and again.


Lol! I did that with nonna cake .


Yup and I can use it at like 1% before I gag of lemon but funny I can use FA Custard so much higher there is something in Nonna’s that I don’t like. Pandoro FA is the worst flavor they ever made , gives me the worst stomach ache uhhh so gross full of DA too.


Has anyone else tried any more of these flavors? Not much in the database yet. In particular I’m curious about Butter Pecan Pie, Butter Caramel, and Butterscotch Pie.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with what you have tried so far!


Did you ever end up purchasing any? I have my eye on a couple and was wondering if I should pull the trigger or not.


No, I still haven’t. I’ve gotten so many flavors during the first few months when it’s all the rage. I’ve learned to wait for the excitement to wain to get realistic reviews and not just jump on the all aboard train :wink:

Might be time for more investigation now that they have been out for a while, thank you for the reminder :slight_smile:


Got my eye on a couple, so if I decide to throw them in my cart I will definitely let you know.


I tried all of their line. All flavors are above average and some of them are really great.
These are all worth to try imo ;
Roasted Pecans & Cream
Peach Pie & Cream
Smooth Cappuccino Cream
Sour Watermelon Candy
Tahitian Vanilla Cream
Cinnamon Pastry
Fresh Strawberries

In general all their creamy flavors are good to great, 8-9-10 / 10
Also apple and orange flavors are worth mentioning

other fruity flavors smell good but are too acidic for my taste


This is one of the first good things I have heard about Wonder Flavors, glad to hear that someone enjoys them. Puts more chance that I might actually give them a shot. How are they % wise? Do they require quite a high percent, are they super concentrated/ potent, or are they just in the middle?