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Wonder Flavors


Is that when Columbus discovered Canada? :joy::joy::joy:
Or who did?


I had to ask Wikipedia… :laughing:
"A celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year. Thanksgiving (French: Action de grâce), or Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’action de grâce) is an annual Canadian holiday, occurring on the second Monday in October, which celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year."
So no… Looks like they’re not celebrating Columbus… :laughing:


Just got a couple of WF in from BCF, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where to start these at % wise? Are they weak? Are they strong?

Otherwise, I am just going to start with the usual 3% SF base.


I actually suggested a flavour that is local to my province here in Canada and he was nice enough to ship me a big bottle of the concentrate here. Once I get it, I will let you folks know how good it is, as it is one of my favourite berries ever!


It smells pretty damn good, almost like Sakura Allure tea from Teavana, maybe some apple and berry notes in there.

Anyone know what these are suspended in? (The SC’s)


So what are people thoughts, seeing a few more recipes popping up with wonder flavours in but few reviews. I do now like there banana puree (tho light) and tahitian vanilla cream from the original range. Have tried quite a few from the super concentrate range and still generally finding the flavours very light and one dimensional. I did find the same with real flavors super concentrates but have found a few I really like after trying many but with these I have now tried rum baba, banoffee pie, glazed donut, white fudge, nanaimo bar, grenadine, butter tart and black cherry jelly bean. Although some of them have worked in recipes (strangely mainly the butter tart which isnt very nice standalone at all) I think the only one I could recommend is the banana puree from the old line as most other banana flavours I have tried taste like foam sweets or banana skin, this is light but pleasant and realistic.