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Worlds First review-Look See-TOPSIDE


Brian put his heart/soul in this one… And it looks Great…Excited about getting one … Can’t Wait !!!


WOW some very interesting concepts on this one. I think the fill method is super cool. The separate downloadable TC and VV firmware seems to be a new concept as well.


good ideas, really makes me wonder what the future will bring.


A brilliant idea with the normal top fill, the biggest problem with squonkers is imo that they are more difficult and messy to fill than normal tanks.
It makes me wonder why no one else has thought of this before?!


Great idea! What is the price point going to be?


I’m sure it will be pre-sale at a lot of vendors, I just found this one


I love, love, love the idea of this squonker! I hope it comes out in dual bat form!

And I also wanted to mention that the way Brian makes the packaging usable as a storage container, in addition to, and atomizer stand is purely ingenious!!!


True that, I can see that packaging box for many uses, even has holes for atty’s, I just read @Steampugs saying dual battery Topside is in the pipeline !!


yeah im not sure how much of that is actually supposed to be a secret :speak_no_evil: lmao…hmm…


He said he’s sending me one so i’ll push it to the front of queue for a write up as soon as I get it :wink::ok_hand:




It seems to be the norm these days.
A lot of things don’t stop at v1 anymore. Everything seems to have a follow up, v1. 5, v2 etc especially with rta’s and rda’s and I guess you could include mods too. Almost worth waiting until the product has been improved on on an updated release.


I think this would be quite different than a simple improvement.

The difference between a single battery squonker and a dual battery squonker is huge. And the dual will not appeal to every one because of size and weight.


Yeah, I get that. Just saying that I won’t be surprised if a dual battery topside is to follow, probably already in production. Just like the dual coil and single coil rda of the Drop. Like he said in the video, can’t please everyone with any one product.


i have one squonk mod and figured it wasnt for me … but this device may change my mind


Wow, great idea and a decent price point.


Was just notified they are in stock here