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Wotofo the Troll RTA Giveaway: Try the Unique One Post Deck Tech


New question - what flavor liquid will you try first in this RTA?

I will definitely be vaping something Savory!
New question- How long have you been Tobacco Free?

  1. Tell us your thoughts on this Troll RTA or its one post deck design. I like the fact that you get a more concentrated flavor, as well as the refilling from the top cap… Less Mess.

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    Umm… I’m new here and only have a couple of ‘friends’ @VHM @Alisa


I like the design of this tank and the amount of juice it holds for what seems like a small tank. The deck is very unique but looks a bit big for my usual 2.5 id coils.


@Josephine_van_Rijn @Underanne @Pugs1970 @Grubby @Volition @Lolly


8 months in a weeks time


New question. What was your first vape device and tank?.


Question – How long have you been Tobacco Free? I have been off the stinky sticks for 6 months now.

New Question - What is your ALL TIME - CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF e juice flavor?


answer : loopy cereal v2 by @Alisa

next question : do you still use commercial juice ???


Never had a commercial juice

What’s your preference for wire material? SS, Kanthal, other…


It looks pretty good, very interested in the one post design.


@Uncaged @Ajinkya @Maureeenie


I use mostly SS and sometimes kanthal.

Next question: do you prefer drippers or tanks?


Do you prefer drippers or tanks?
I am a Tank man
Next question: If you use a tank, which do you prefer RTA, RDTA, RBA or manufacturers coils?


I’m using more tanks lately

Next: what is your absolute favourite atty


The Pharaoh. A Digiflavor/Rip Trippers colab. Rip is the MAN!

Next question. Who is your favorite reviewer?

  1. Tell us your thoughts on this Troll RTA or its one post deck design (Every participant need answer this question in first entry)

I am a total fan of all RTAs, still trying to find the perfect one though.
personally, though the build deck looks interesting, it wouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker for me … the wicking and juice holes on the other hand, and the really decent looking airflow, really dices my carrot !

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Next question. Who is your favorite reviewer?

you need to ask ???


Next Question: what is your favourite one of your OWN mixes !


Ice cream cheese cake…or Vanana Cream tea

Next question…if you were stranded on a desert island with an oddly unlimited supply of 18650’s, wire, LIQUIDS and cotton…and you could only have one set up…what would it be?