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Wotofo the Troll RTA Giveaway: Try the Unique One Post Deck Tech


you know I’m totally givin you this kiss emoji …:kissing_heart:


I made your ice cream cheese cake mix about a week ago, smells lovely already


Awesome man, hope you like it, give it at least 3 weeks, a month if you can :thumbsup::ok_hand:


I really hope people read the sarcasm in my post and knew it was a shot at Volition’s fave reviewer, Rip. Just ask him. :joy:


No worries doing that. I’ve had the flu since I mixed up a load of stuff and I can’t taste a bloody thing. Vaping unflavoured VG. I’m not going to waste the flavours lol


Load and clear buddy lol


My one setup would be PG, VG and Flavours !

FFS, sea water is just a little TOO much saline for unlimited wire & batteries !

OK in light of the fact that the questioner edited the question … (and I thought my answer was a good’un too)

I reckon . tough one, but … Hmmm,
Smok Alien and Goon

Next Question: what is your worst RTA or RDTA of the year ?


Edited…ahem…thank you…:middle_finger:


The Apepal RDTA …BY FAR…

I’m goin bed…I’ll leave the next question to someone else :wink:


Yep, I can’t stand him. He is a clown, but I’ll give him dues he does have a fair amount of knowledge.

Shhhh, do these posts go in the random generator. I think they do. Don’t tell anyone, to be fair i’ll answer the last q.

My worst Atty, i was happy with all of them. But the one I use the least would be the best indicator. Infinite CLT IV RDA - It’s fine a good RDA in essence but just something missing no x-factor so to speak. A tad small a tad leaky (User error mostly though with overdripping). I would recomend it to someone who is after the benefits it has it has a vertical and horizontal option for posts. It’s just the last Atty I go to.

Q. I’ll repeat Pugs q as it was a good one and I’m interested to see more answers on that one.

Desert island lets say 2 18650’s though, 1 atty, 1 mod That’s all you can have what would they be. There coming in a bottle (faster then fasttech though).


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Extra Extra!

Do you think 1 set is not so enough for you to fight for? Wanna more chance to win the Troll RTA? Here you go.

Another giveaway is in full swing on our site–Win Wotofo the Troll RTA Giveaway for Free, Baby Monster for Flavor and Vapor! 10 sets are waiting for you!

Please don’t hesitate to join us. Good luck!


Love the look of it, this looks my kind of RTA :slight_smile:


Interesting deck, I don;t care for RDA’s but love RTA’s This one would work well on my Alien


The deck looks unique I would be really interested in testing it out. The coil holes look plenty big and wicking on it looks easy as it is similar to Engine which I’m currently using.



@Volition Question: Desert island lets say 2 18650’s though, 1 atty, 1 mod That’s all you can have what would they be?
Thinkvape Finder 167 TC MOD, Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus

Next Question: What was the very first device you used to become Tobacco Free?


The troll rta uses the sam deck as the J Well ODEON deck but in rta form


@fidalgo_vapes @Grubby @Pugs1970 @Klink


Istick 30w and a nautilus mini (awesome tank terrible coils )


Next Question: What is the next device you will purchase ??