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Yellow cake brand


In most of the recipes I see flavor west yellow cake’ is it better than cappella?


IMO Flavor West Yellow Cake is the best, BUT …

Contains a form of sugar. Sugar can caramelize and even burn at low temps, and produce toxins and suspected carcinogens.

Source: https://wayback.archive.org/web/20160912113723/http://juic.org:80/flavors/concerning-flavors/

Cake (Yellow) (FW)
59259 Recipes

Yellow Cake (Cap)
5375 Recipes


Every flavor is workable to an extend. Most popular is (FW) yellow cake, followed by (JF) yellow cake. Some people even substitute that for the flavor West version, because of the mentioned form of sugar, as SessionDrummer pointed out.

I don’t like both of them, I’ll use the cakes offered by WonderFlavors, unless I have time that day and make it from scratch.

I’ve never tried capellas version, but since a lot of commercial juices use it, I’m sure it isn’t a flavor that’s absolute horrible.

If you have cap and asking to substitute it will be fine, not as intended but could always add some sweetener to make it similar to FW lol. Just figure out the percentage because pretty sure that this is not going to end well otherwise.



i had capellas used it a few times and id rather deal with the negative issues with FW rather than use caps non yellow cake lol


Ive been hearing so many good things about wf bakeries lately. Angel Cake is definitely going in my next order. I tried Rum Baba yesterday because its one of my favorite desserts from my local italian bakeries, plus my grandmom and aunts used to make it. Out the bottle it totally smells like it and after mixing a sft the finger test taste just like it. Just gotta give some time and see how the vape is


i havent tested the angel cake but it smells divine


It is! Smells thick and Custard-like. You don’t even need alot to get a good texture to the mix either. I love it. Fluffy White Cake is next!


just from the smell it reminded me a lot like FW yellow cake , which for me is a great thing ill test this and the two FA flaves i got today


Well , ordered nonna cake , hopefully better than the rest


Wait, what? All the talk about FW and Capella but you went Nonna’s Cake? That wasn’t even mentioned in this thread. :roll_eyes: LOL


i never really enjoyed Nonna Cake , but i havent used it enough to completely dismiss it , i think it would have its value in a Trifle type recipe , and maybe a lemon doughnut , but i did play with the Capella Yellow Cake to be able to confidantly say there are way better options


I ordered it before the topic
I am waiting for cappella yellow cake and already have purilum yellow cake


the problem is. I already invested in purilum and capellca yellow cake bot 120 ml, and I live in the middle eadt do the shippimg costs me 60-80 $


you may be able to use the two together , i think @Silhouette said she likes it with a mix of a couple others , i may be wrong though your just going to have to test , i was comparing the Cap yellow cake to the FW yellow cake which may have been a bit unfair , all i remember is i wasnt a fan … good luck though


I do like it mixed with others, pretty weak by itself in terms of a true Yellow Cake (CAP) though. I did however inquire about Wonder Flavors taking a stab at a Yellow Cake flavor, because I have to say I think it would be great.