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Your All-time Top 3 DIY Creations


After I posted, I thought of a few dozen more I debated on changing to my “three”, but that cycle would of continued well into 2019, so I left it at that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It will work if you have installed the latest version of Flash and have permissions set, to allow Flash on the site :slight_smile:


I should be all up to date, but I will have a looksie


Thanx for the tip. I was in the same boat as @DarthVapor , but now it’s working again.


So even though I was up-to-date, I went to Adobe’s flash site and installed directly… Still nothing :frowning:
I use Chrome, for what that’s worth, but I am still in the same shitty boat as before.
No biggie though, I rarely need to copy/paste here and I am fine with the hyperlinks


This is different? I went to “copy as HTML(TEXT)” and this installer opened up? I’ve never been prompted in the past? I’m not sure what this is actually?


Na that is a tap adapter for vpn and is not related to flash as far as I know.

Go to chrome settings search for ‘flash’ click on content settings, click on flash, check you have ask first turned on

make sure elr is in your allow list (remove it from the block list if it is there)



This was recommend on the Adobe site for the Chrome Browser. Make sure you’re on ELR…


I did what you both suggested and changed my settings from “ask first”, to “always allow” and still no change. All I know is when it did work (some time a year ago or so), I would have to repeatedly click the “:save as…” option, over and over, until it finally registered and I was able to post the recipe. Some time since then, it has completely stopped. There hasn’t been any changes in my setup/browser, so I have no idea wtf…

Thanks for the help though guys, appreciate it


Chrome or Firefox? Firefox also has this little thing:


That is bizarre - Never seen or heard of that happen!



Sorry, couldn’t resist :kissing_heart:


Yeah, I’ve never had that pop-up before. Strange that it didn’t it with the save as HTML text bit, yet not the others. I didn’t install it, since I thought it odd


The tap adapter is part of openvpn generally used in most vpn software it is a sort of faux devices that shows up in your network adapters and the vpn uses it to route your net traffic through (you probably know this anyhow). For some reason your vpn software has decided to reinstall it (if you dont have vpn software you need to look at your system with malwarebytes or similar).


Yeah, I’m wondering if something may of hitched a ride when I went to the flash site and installed flash. Just odd that I install flash again through their site, then this happens… :thinking:


…and now I have McAfee security scan plus on my pc afterwards, poping up to tell me I have threats… Mother&^$! This would be why I never go to a site and install shit. Even if it was Adobe, it obviously installed more than the damn flash


Ya adobe bundle it with flash by default which shits me to tears there is a check box that you have to uncheck to not install it before you download flash - it is possible the vpn tap adapter is part of that install.


Yeah it was an online installer (not exe file on pc), so I was never given the option… bitches!


Here’s something even more worrisome…
I opened my system uninstaller, to find that not only was there McAfee installed today, but some how, GoToMeeting was also installed?? WTF?!


Man all these little passengers on software nowadays shit me off big time cause eventually the car won’t run. I mean fancy installing McAfee without checking if you already had security software.

I have no idea what the other bit of shit is. I would be running full system checks with malwarebytes and anything else you have handy who knows what else was hitching a ride.


Maybe you have to clear cashe :slightly_smiling_face: