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Your All-time Top 3 DIY Creations


My favorite three are:





I read up on it a bit, and it is software that allows you to connect to other computers, have meetings, share and a host of other conspicuous things. It can also be used to remote access your pc from anywhere. Frightening shit to just have appear suddenly, right?? I also searched to see if it was used in a malicious way, yet didn’t turn up anything suspect…

I went against my own rule and installed directly online, instead of a exe/disc. Posting a recipe on a thread wasn’t worth this nonsense, haha


My top three diy creations are my two children and the house I built for us all to live in.


I’ve never met an Asexual guy before! So which bit goes in which bit? :thinking:


Well I did have a little help - but my wife only played a small part (she would of course disagree) :grinning:


OR she may of referred to you as the small part in this equation :wink:


Yes I think that would exactly be the description she would use :grin::grin:


I’m betting the “tendon” goes into the mortise joint! :wink:


You have to try ‘Blueberry Cupcake,’ by Mofogger. It’s a long steep but well worth the wait. It is what it says it is. The longer you leave it the better it gets. Blueberry heaven.


I am new to mixing but this is a great thread for finding different flavours to buy keep them coming


Welcome Benoz =)


Well alright then. My top 3 fave in order of how much I like them are…


hmm I haven’t made your Strawberry Lemondade cake for aaages…weekend :wink::ok_hand:


Ok, but please note this is not the same as the first one you tried. I made a couple changes, most notably with the percentage of Lemonade. This is far better. I’d be lying if I said I’ve not been waiting for you to try this :wink:


challenge accepted sir :ok_hand::sunglasses:


We haven’t got Purilum YC :weary:

@SthrnMixer - do you think JF Yellow Cake would be an okay sub?


oooh…i must of subbed…


It might not have been in that first version you mixed? :thinking:


Never had it, but I would certainly try. Start with half what’s normal. The Metaphor provides a portion of the cakey notes.

My original recipe had FW Yellow Cake. I’ve since stopped using it.


Ok. I have definitely got to get some FA Grapefruit and try that GF Yourself stuffs. :slight_smile: