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Your Exit Strategy



Oh Yeah !! that’s what i’m talking about !! is that you ?


No it’s not mine, it’s my unicorn. Mason bling…


when i die probably :stuck_out_tongue: lol
all i was seeking was an alternative way to get my nicotine… right now with vaping i have what i need without the so negatives of traditional smoking :stuck_out_tongue:
<---- nicotine junkie :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m taking it with me.


I have no plans to quit vaping either, but how did you get past the nicotine test? I still get charged an extra $300/yr (not per month, yipes, that’s REALLY expensive) because they do blood and hair samples for nicotine. :frowning:

Nicotine's effect on flavor

Assuming it is a planned check-up with blood work…

The length of time nicotine remains in the blood stream depends on the amount consumed and the frequency of consumption. Nicotine can stay for 48 hours. Beyond this time it is not detected either in the blood or urine. However, the cotinine metabolite can leave traces for about 7 days.

So if it were me, I would just vape 0mg or not vape for a couple days before the test. Then rip off some cumulonimbus supercells in the car on the way home from the doctor’s office. If they do hair testing for nicotine, you’re pretty much screwed.


Dammit Fish! :frowning:

And to think I usually love being ‘screwed!’ :wink:


We have a crematory where I work, all you can take with you is juice.:wink:


Well, other than for health insurance rates, I don’t know why anyone would bother to test hair for nicotine. If you’re worried about them finding it because of a standard drug test, I wouldn’t sweat it. I believe you have to actually test for it and I doubt they do. I could be wrong; it happened once in 1986.


i believe they could test for nicotine with blood samples , thats how my insurance company claims to do it …


If they do that, he’s good to go. 48 hours to clean tests. Hair test for nicotine would be pretty extreme to me.


Hah! How does the old joke go again? “I was wrong once - I thought I was wrong but it I was right all along…”


I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.


I’ll just inhale my own fumes :sunglasses:


My exit strategy? Scream out my wife’s sister’s name during ecstasy. No, seriously tho take all that nicotine out of the freezer …just a danger by that time …soak 100 yards of 6" white gauze and mummify my remains …I wanna be a mystery in 4600 AD when they dig me up


The last time I looked into hair testing for drugs(For a…erm…friend! Yeah! A friend!) It was stated that you could circumvent the testing by bleaching or perming your hair. Granted, this was a few years back, but I was working at a lab that did N.I.D.A. drug screens for pilots/truck drivers/physicians and also sent out hair samples for testing. I got to talking with one of heads of the dept and he casually let that little bit of information drop. So it’s either go Bob Ross, albino or Powder(no hair anywhere!!! Can’t test what they can’t find! OK-It’s a bit extreme…)


WTF? :flushed:


That’s what you get living in the land of the free.:sunglasses: