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Your Exit Strategy


Ain’t that the truth! Freaking health insurance industry even coined a new generalized term for it - “Health Audit Compliance” and my company sends out little cards in the snail-mail telling us things like “To save money on your 2019 health insurance premiums there are steps you must take by November 16th…”

They call it “Tobacco Free Compliance” but they don’t care if you’re “Tobacco Free”, they really test whether or not you are “Nicotine Free.”

I have a single word for them: BASTARDS!!!


Wish that would be my problem.
I have 2 jobs, my husband 3 (not a joke) yet we don’t have health insurance.

I needed medical treatment 12 years ago, I’m still paying off that bill. Would of been cheaper if I never got treated, at least I wouldn’t spend the next 30 years paying it off.

Maybe my fault for living in the US but I would take a nicotine test any day :wink:


Over here in the land of the holy, we have mandatory health insurance (which is actually crap) and the extended health insurance that costs a few $$ but the only ‘tobacco test’ is the: Do you smoke? question


It’s not just the health insurance bullshit you’re getting, it’s the drug testing at work too.
It’s unheard of over here. What you do in your private life is none of their business, if your drug use is affecting your work they can fire you for incompetence or something but it is against the privacy laws for them to do drug tests on their staff.

That’s the same here in the land of the unholy :grin:
We used to have government health insurance and it was dirt cheap and good, now they have the US model of so called competing insurers on a free market and it’s bollocks.

Most of those different companies are umbrella companies which doesn’t stop them from throwing away loads of money on adverts and of course the managers need to get payed well.

I’ve never been asked.