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Your favourite liquorice flavor?


I’m hoping that none of their licorice-type flavours contain oil but the website doesn’t seem to include that information. (Even google translate often can’t understand Danish!)
If you spot anything specific, I’d appreciate it if you could mention which concentrates are best avoided.


I just looked through their website and the licorices and i can’t find almost anything on there that says what’s in it. All it says if it says anything is that it contains aromas, no preservatives and no additives.
I think the best thing to do is to shoot them an e-mail and ask them yourself, that way you at least get the proper info (hopefully).


I think ALL natural aromas are oil based?
Remember that they do not develop for vaping but for candy.
However most of them are still used for vaping, with success


I know that i for one would stay clear of oil based aromas no matter what. I don’t wanna introduce something that potentially might be harmful for me in the end.

I’d rather use other flavors that mimic these licorice aromas instead until they manage to come up with something without the oils.

But that’s just me.