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Your favourite liquorice flavor?


Hello Vapers :smile:

Im a fan of liquorice so wanted to hear if you want to share your favourite liquorice aroma with me.
Im looking for an aroma I can use for my mixes :slight_smile:


Black Touch Licorice Plus (FA) is fantastic, old world molasses style and their Anise is very good as well.


I was about to name those exact two. I think Anise (FA) is the more versatile of the two, but Black Touch is distinctly different, and awesome for particular mixes.


I used to eat licorice pipes as a kid, i would buy them once or twice a year at Old World Wisconsin.

Black Touch is the perfect flavor to replicate them.


It looks like it should be in the freak flag thread.:laughing:


Fancy some Salmiak?

Still not tried it but VapeTalo’s The Black Series are supposed to be great: http://eng.vapetalo.mycashflow.fi/category/45/the-black-series


I still eat those :+1: :laughing:


Thanks for your replies.
I have FA anise
Will try their Black Touch Licorice Plus. I think I have seen it recommended before.


Here in Denmark we have some really good licorice flavors (we are obsessed with the stuff). We have a flavoring company that has a lot of great licorice flavorings: http://www.bolsjehuset.dk/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=9&q=lakrids

There are: Yellow Licorice, White Licorice, Black Mamba, Licorice Pepper, Anise, Star Anise, Licorice Menthol and Licorice Extract :slight_smile:

Other than that @Ken_O_Where is correct - Black Touch (Licorice Plus) (FA) is great!


I could eat these 'til they come out of my ears! :rofl:


Are you into tobaccos at all? :thinking:

I’m about to macerate a tobacco from Peter Stokkebye named “Sambuca”, just for this very reason… I love me some licorice! Between this NET and one called Black Irish Twist by Gawith Hoggarth & Co., I should be set on the licorice vapes for a long time. :grinning:


Oh I’ve not seen that company mentioned before, thanks!
Any idea if their flavourings have been used much for juices?


They are used a lot by Danes :slight_smile: There are a couple of recipe pages dedicated to them :slight_smile:

EDIT: These are all Bolsjehuset recipes: http://ejuice.loehmann.dk/category/a-b-c/

EDIT2: I think these: http://ejuice.ktrs.dk/nggallery/start/bolsjehuset are part of the one mentioned above.


No, im not a tobacco man. Just the liqourice :slight_smile:


OBS !!! her i kulden kan anissen godt gå hen og fryse, det vil sige at den bliver hård og mælkehvid, det er helt normalt fordi det er en ren aroma. Læg den på varmeapparatet eller andet varmt sted, og den vil stille og roligt tø op igen.

ATTENTION !!! here in the cold can anissen well go and freeze, that is, that it becomes hard and milky white, it is normal because it is a clean aroma. Put it on the heater or other warm place and will quietly thaw again.


I have a lot of Bolsjehuset aroma. Their Anise is the best I have tasted.
But a lot of their aromas are oil based which can cause problems mixing.


Cherry Filling by Flavorah tastes exactly like these:

Not name brand licorice, per say, but definitely within the same family.

Just a warning though, it does have a ‘menthol’ feel to it; and I mean FEEL not taste. Feels kind cool in your throat. Not the biggest deal but it has me scratching my head.


Then I guess its not menthol but koolada?


Kind of. It is more smooth than koolada in my opinion, I love me some koolada but it is different, still.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! But be aware, it is a bully of a flavor, very strong.


Brilliant @daath - thank you!
My licorice project just keeps growing…

And another abbreviation added to my list: BH = Bolsjehuset. :slight_smile: