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0.5 ohm coil, can I use Ag (90%VG/10%Distilled Water)


Right so I use to smoke on a 1.8 ohm coil, the mouth to throat I think its called, so was using AG, which is basically VG with distilled water in, but @ 10% distilled water.

So I moved onto a cheap sub ohm, @ 0.5, someone gave it to me, made a flavour up, steeped in warm water and steeped for a few days but when I vaped on it it did a lot of spitting :frowning:

Now I have a much more grown up tank, Smok TFV12 Prince, added a bubble glass to give me a huge 8ml tank, but sticking with a 0.5 ohm coil.

I bought some Short fills to get me going on this one @50/50 but still getting a nasty throat hit with most of them, guessing that’s the PG in them.

So my question is can I use the AG (90%VG/10%Distilled Water) with my 0.5 sub ohm coil ? or will it be too thin ?

Thanks for your input guys, I am about to restart my own creations after a short while on Shortfills



The viscosity of propylene glycol is near the same as water, but the difference is in the boiling point, it is a lot (370.8°F 188.2°C pg, / 212°F 100°C water). I have used 3% saline in mixes without harm but I can imagine higher wattage use could contribute to the spitting . Some vape 100% Vegetable glycerin.


Yeah was hoping to use up this ag before having to buy any vg. But oh well not to worry.

Is there anyway I can get the water out, like boiling it at just over 100c ?? Maybe ? Or will that ruin it ??


Keep the temp at just waters boiling point would I imagine distill out the water from the VG, Just make sure not to go way high with the Vg or you produce Acrolein a reactive compound, toxic and irritating.


I am pretty confident that boiling will not work to remove water from VG.

I would suggest that if at 10% DW it spits too much dilute you AG with pure VG to reduce the % of DW in the solution.


It is done on small DIY bio diesel applications to remove water from the glycerin and was the way it was done in the older days, now they use fancy expensive equipment.


Ok - I didn’t think it was possible I stand corrected - it would still be easier to dilute it down till it wasn’t as spitty.

Cheers mate


I agree but that was not his question


If you were to evaporate the DW out of solution what do you plan on replacing it with? EIther way I think it will alter your mixing ratios. Seems to me @woftam’s suggestion is pretty logical. Then again I’ve never had to do that so…just sayin’.


Personally I would also add vg. Easiest and most controlled solution imo.


I use distilled water in all my max vg mixes for 2 years now, and have found that 3% is the sweet spot, more will cause spitting, flavor fade, and will reduce my cloud density


Unless you have reactions to PG this doesn’t make sense to me. What’s the point of doing “max” VG if you’re just going to dilute it? Technically it’s not “max” anymore, is it? So if you’re diluting anyway what is the benefit of using DW over PG?


You should be able to switch to straight VG when you run out of AG. The 1.8 coil might have needed thinner liquid to wick, but most sub ohm coils can handle max VG. Looking at the pics of the Prince, there is plenty of intake to handle undiluted.

I cant help you with getting the DW outta there, but it looks like you already have the answer to that, at least to try out.

Good luck!

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It all depends on your situation. I’ve recently been vaping 70/30 VG/PG in a pretty cold environment and ruined 2 mesh coil heads because it couldn’t wick fast enough. Was pretty disappointed having to continue with a burnt taste for a while but I blame it on my ignorance having vaped mostly in warmer conditions and 99% of the time on RDAs & RTAs.

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Cold VG! I live in Florida… totally not on my radar. Good point, though. I think under not cold conditions it should be fine :smile:

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I believe that vaping excessive amounts of pg can lead to pg intolerance, as most people seem to develop the condition over time, there is some controversy over the safety of pg in general as well. It also adds throat hit and decreases the size and density of my clouds. For these various reasons i reduce the amount of pg in my mixes whenever possible and use water to thin the mix so that it will wick nice and fast for chain vaping. My understanding is the term max vg means to maximize the vg concentration, it works for me, hope this helps.