1 recipe, different nic strength, different vg/pg ratio

I’ve searched throughout the forum, and couldn’t find the answer to this question. As french Canadian, English not being my first language maybe I’m simply not finding the right keywords.

Let’s say I’m making a “fruit loops” recipe, but planning on making it it in different strength and vg/pg ratio depending on the demand of friends.

How should I process?
Is it possible to mix, steep, and breath before the final results?
Can nicotine be added at the last minute?
Can vg/pg be readjusted at last minute?


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You can make a one-shot of your flavours. After you create a recipe you can click the blue wrench and choose one-shot.
It’ll tell you how much to use and at what percentage you have to mix it. You can use that to make different batches with varying VG/PG and nicotine.
Oh and yes, you can add nicotine later.


The wrench isn’t blue cause I’m using the dark theme :wink:

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To make sure I understand,

I make a donut receipe that requires long steeping, I make it 3mg nicotine.
I let it steep 24 days, at the end when juice is at is best, I can still add nicotine without having to steep again?
Same question goes for vg/pg too

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Nicotine yes, assuming you’re using something like 100mg juice so you aren’t adding a ton.

VG/PG if you add a lot it may throw things off until it’s had time to steep again with the unflavored.

Just my opinion and observations from my own efforts.


I make for me and several friends

Nic ranges from 1.5 nic to 15 nic

So what I do is I mix juice at 0 nic 50/50
Then depending on who I’m making a bottle for
I add the nic base needed for target strength of bottle size I’m making
I use 100 pg nic base

so Say I want 30 mil of Cupid’s arrow , which ironically I should have done last night

I’ll put 1.8 mil of nic juice in a 30 mil bottle and then fill the bottle with Cupid’s arrow.

Then shake and vape.

Some flavors I’ll let set a week after adding nic. Like strawberry hubba babba it’s just not good till you add nic and it turns yellow.

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All your bottles will end up 50/50, but all different strengths?

I understand that you will still have to let steep after you add nicotine right?

Since you know exactly what you will need it helps, I’m scared to make myself a 6mg batch and wanting to either go down to 3mg or that some friends who are at 12mg wants some.

US there gonna be possible to adjust up or down after my 6mg 70/30 batch as steep and breath?
Or change it down to 50/50?

Sorry if I have hard time explaining, I’m french first language.

I like a 50/50 mix . So all my mixes are done at 50/50.

If I wanted my end result to be roughly 70/30 then I’d mix at 70/30.

If your wanting to mix at say different pg/vg ratios and different nic levels maybe try making one shot concentrations

This probably would speed up mixing time . But honestly tryin to make a 70/30 premix into a 50/50 mix would reduce flavor % unless you added more flavors.

So better off doing one shots of popular juices you going to make for friends at different pg/vg ratios

Here’s and example recipe using the above one shot. For flavor I use my one shot and set % at 8%
emphasized text


Wow thanks alot that’s great info, just what I needed :grinning: