10 essentials

Being new to mixing my own I thought I would ask what others think would be a good mix of top 10 FA flavours for a
variety of recipes. With so many FA flavours I want to start basic:-) I’m not really that fond of bakery types, mainly sweets, some fruits, menthols and dark chocolates.


Red Touch (Strawberry)
Red Summer (Watermelon)
Costa Rica Special (Mango)
Fuji Apple
Lemon Sicily
Lime Tahiti (Cold Pressed)
Lime Tahiti
And I know it’s not a fruit, but get some Vienna Cream

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Flavour Art:
Vienna Cream
Fresh Cream
Vanilla Classic
Lemon Sicily
Fuji Apple
Apple Pie
These are the top 10 IMO although you can’t go wrong with any of the FA flavors. Very user friendly, use between 1-2%

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10 is tough to do…

Bases for recipies
Vienna cream (you will want fresh cream eventually)
Madagascar vanilla

Red touch strawberry
Fuji Apple
Rassberry FA
White peach
Custard (this is number 11 but should be the first one)
10 is tough…you may want 19. Lol. Fresh cream is good to have, Forrest fruit, and so on.

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I’ve only tried 16 FA flavorings, but my top ten of those are:

Bilberry (FA)
Cinnamon Ceylon (FA)
Cookie (FA)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Fuji Apple (FA)
Lemon Sicily (FA)
Marshmallow (FA)
Meringue (FA)
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA)
Vienna Cream (FA)

Here’s my current favorite mostly FA recipe:

Millennium Falcon (Blueberry custard)

Ingredient %
Bilberry (FA) 3.2
Joy (FA) 1.2
Marshmallow (FA) 1.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 4

Flavor total: 9.9%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Thanks everyone, gives me some ideas:-)

Fuji … get yourself some Fuji.

Lol, I think most ignored the part where you said you don’t like dessert vapes.

LOL - I didn’t like to say:-) Seems flavouring brings out peoples enthusiasm:-)

Not even one mention of Pear (FA)? Really? Ok, well I don’t care for bakery or creams and custards. . .although I have been given a few that I could deal with, but still I’m much more partial to fruits for the most part. FA does make a few awful flavors, the worst I’ve had is Mangosteen. 10 is very limiting, and you should know I’m very partial to flaral accents in anything I vape, smoke, eat, or drink. I don’t know why.

  1. Pear
  2. Fujitsu Apple
  3. Vanilla Tahiti
    4)7 Leaves ultimate (tobacco, floral unsteeped)
  4. Fig Fresh
  5. Pandora
  6. Jasmine
  7. Ylang Ylang
  8. White Peach
  9. Marshmallow (sweetener)

Not sure about pear - if its anything like pear drop sweets always reminds me of the smell of nail polish remover.

Thanks -

  1. Jasmine
  2. Ylang Ylang

Love the smell of both but vaping them? Aren’t they too perfumy?

I do vape Ylang essential oil directly and I love it. I like the flavor better than the real thing. They are as perfumey as you choose to mix them, my friend. Welcome to DIY.

and Pear FA IMHO is a mind-blower. It is easily the best single flavor I have tasted.

Thanks - might give the pear a go then. I guess there is a difference between vaping ‘essential’ oil and other oil based flavourings because I thought vaping oil was quite bad for you?? Could be wrong, just what I read somewhere.

The hard part is keeping an FA list to only 10. Here’s my top
Coffee Espresso (Dark Bean)
Jamaican Rum
Lime Tahiti (Cold Pressed)
White Peach
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic)
Fuji Apple

10 FA flavors I can’t live without:

Coffee Espresso
Vienna Cream
Catalan Cream
Fuji Apple
White Peach
Madagascar Vanilla
7 Leaves
Ylang Ylang

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It didn’t make the cut for my list, because I haven’t had much luck with it yet. :frowning:

What do you like to mix it with other than your Pearvana recipe (that one has too many flavorings I don’t have good substitutes for)?

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Well, I’m the odd man out, you know. To me Pearvana is my lover. But i like it due to the natural floral flavors it carries. INW pear is very close too.

Ok, so to answer your question I can vape it straight, no problem. I mix it with Rose or Jasmine. I’m vaping it in a tobacco as I type. My style is to always mix a very dominant flavor and use other flavors as accents. So I use pear when I want a non-specific juiciness/floral character or straight up damned good pear at the forefront.

I mix a lot of things that I do not document, so beyond Pearvana I am just giving you my philosophy…but again, ehem, I know I’m a little weird.


This is like Air Jordan… It makes everything around it better.


Haha, good analogy. Maybe I’ll mix it with mangosteen (fa) raisin (tpa) and blackberry (tpa) for the hell of it. Haha, can you imagine? I puked a little in my mouth when I wrote this.a

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