100% VG for RDA..necessary to thin down?

A question for those with experience with 100% VG for an RDA build.

Is it necessary to thin down the VG (ie with distilled water) when used in an RDA only

I’m generally looking to mix the VG with 15% pg based flavours (TPA)

Btw the RDA I will be using is the velocity clone.

Cheers :yum:

The Velocity is an RDA? That should do 100% VG just fine ;D

Most RTAs should do fine with 15/85 provided it’s wicked correctly - If you get dry hits, you could add a little bit of distilled water… Start with a couple of % only. Or you could just add a little more PG…

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Confirm RDA thanks my friend have edited my spelling :grinning:

Good will try it 100% and see how it wicks.

My thinking is that flow is better for 100%VG in an RDA compared to a tank?

RDAs usually have no problem with pure VG - Tanks need to wick differently, so there viscosity is a consideration… You’ll probably have better flavor with more PG in it…

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With and RDA for the most part either the wick is wet or it’s dry. Drip 100% VG. Ain’t no worries, IMO.

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